Kayenta for Beginners

If you’ve lived in Kayenta for any length of time, the twists and turns of the strangely-named roads, the ups and downs of the local hills and washes, and the various man made landmarks and reference points have surely become second nature to you by now. Over the past few years, however, Kayenta has seen a steady and growing influx of new homeowners (and home builders). Our unique quality of life has been discovered by others who share our values of moderate growth and land usage.

But for many of these newbies, conversational references by long-timers to such things as the “Taviawk Wash”, or the “Dog Park”, or the “Crescent Moon Inn” or the “Pickleball Trail”, for example, may only elicit blank stares and awkward pauses in return. But no longer! The complimentary Kayenta Map for Beginners (attached) can help even the greenest of neighbors climb quickly up the learning curve. In no time at all, you’ll be using local lingo with confidence (and accuracy), able to hold your own against more seasoned residents. Follow these virtual directions to the Posovi Water Tank from Highway 91 to test your aptitude:

Walk north on Kayenta Parkway over the “Cactus Gulch Wash” with the “Desert Rose Labyrinth” on your right then the “Kayenta Art Village” on the left. Continue to the stop sign (you’ll know you’ve gone too far if you see “Rock Park” and the “Pyramid” on your left). Turn right until you pass the “Elephant Rocks” on your right. Turn left and walk up the east side of “Humpback”. Turn right on Uwan and continue to the end of the street, where you’ll see stunning views of “Hell Hole Canyon” to your right as you arrive at the “Posovi Water Tank”. So, how’d you do?