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2019 kayenta Concept Home

Expert Builders

Kayenta Builders know how to build in Kayenta. Our community requires all Builders to understand the strict standards and protocols for building in Kayenta. They have partnered with designers and residents to develop the highest quality of service and dedication to our community. While any Owner can build their own home or contract with an outside builder, these Licensed General Contractors work in Kayenta daily and have had satisfied customers for many years. Most important, these Builders have the knowledge to build your dream!

Kayenta building companies are listed below in alphabetical order.
Kayenta Building & Design

Brent Ence Construction

Brent Ence
Office: 435.656.3056
Cell: 435.680.3442

Finish Line Construction

Paul Zabriskie
Cell: 435.229.3298

Greg Ence Construction

Greg Ence
Office: 435.628.1201
Cell: 435.680.1201

J2 Construction

Jake Joines
Office: 435.673.4626
Cell: 435.669.8514

Desert Concepts

Micah Thompson
Cell: 435.619.4315