Kayenta residents who have lived here for any length of time can’t help but be amazed by the amount of construction taking place in the community.  A walk around the neighborhood, especially in the Taviawk and Posovi areas, will lead you past excavated lots; concrete mixers; wood framers; roofers; painters,

While tackling our back-office filing cabinets and storage shelves (cleaning, organizing, and purging where required), we happened to stumble across a large, opaque plastic container previously unnoticed by us during the regular hustle and bustle.  Curious as to what might be inside, we dragged our discovery into the front office

COVID-19.  Shelter in place!  Stay at home!  Flatten the curve!  At the beginning of 2020, none of these phrases meant a thing to those of us who aren’t infectious disease specialists.   Flash forward to today…

So, whether you live in Taviawk (“setting sun”); Posovi (“canyon corners”); Shonto (“sunshine springs”)or Kwavasa (“eagle’s landing”), you’ve undoubtedly scratched your head on more than one occasion and wondered how some of Kayenta’s streets were christened with such unusual names. 

Often, prospective homebuyers who enter the real estate office here in the heart of the Village do so out of a sense of awe for the surrounding natural beauty and a curiosity about our unique community nestled at the base of the red cliffs.

There’s an old saying “thousands have lived without love, but not one without water”. Those of us who have chosen to live among the stunning natural beauty of southern Utah are well aware of the scarce and precious nature of water in the desert.