Kayenta Connection January 2024

Center for the Arts at Kayenta

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Eric Ramsey

Eric Ramsey

January 12

Winner, 2022 International Blues Challenge

With soaring vocals and organic arrangements, Eric Ramsey’s original compositions reflect his musical influences but come from a place all their own. He writes from experience about the human condition – stark, at times sensitive, at times humorous, always thought-provoking. His arrangements and delivery encompass a spectrum of styles, from delicate fingerpicking to raucous, bluesy bottleneck slide.

Soirée Musicale with Jason Bonham

Soirée Musicale with Jason Bonham

January 13

Quintets from Mendelssohn & Brahms

Soirée Musicale features top local musicians and guest professionals from across the Western region tackling some of the most advanced and inspiring classical music in the repertoire. Our Spring series is under the direction of Jason Bonham, an esteemed musician and principle violist with Las Vegas Philharmonic.

Featuring: Jake Davis, Tido Janssen, DeAnn Letourneau, and Urs Rutishauser.

Repertory Dance Theatre

Repertory Dance Theatre

January 19 & 20

Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT), founded in 1966 in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a professional modern dance repertory company dedicated to the creation, performance, perpetuation, and appreciation of modern dance. For over 50 years, RDT has pushed the boundaries of modern dance, while preserving and celebrating its legacy. Known worldwide for its collection of dance treasures, RDT is both a museum and contemporary gallery representing the scope and diversity of modern dance, past and present.

Voyager Lecture Series

Voyager Lecture Series

January 30

Common and Not-So-Common Birds of Southwest Utah

Paul Jaussi was introduced to birding in college when he first saw a Western Tanager through a pair of binoculars and was hooked. That event started a passion for birding that has followed him throughout his life. While a native of Utah, he lived in Oregon for 22 years, where he helped grow the Friends of the Refuge for the newly founded Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, serving as both a Board member and Vice President for several years.

DOCUTAH presents: Monsterman

DOCUTAH presents:

February 2


The Center for the Arts at Kayenta is thrilled to partner with DOCUTAH on a new monthly film series. DOCUTAH seeks to open hearts and minds to the world through beautifully crafted stories on film, promoting education while creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and community.

After shockingly winning the Eurovision Song Competition in 2006, Mr. Lordi, the monster of Lapland, and his horror metal band lose almost everything. Will the man behind Mr. Lordi find a way to stay true to himself and make a comeback?



February 10


After his father’s unexpected death, pianist Adam Tendler used his inheritance, a wad of cash received in a parking lot, to begin a commissioning project inviting a broad spectrum of sound artists and composers to create new piano works exploring the idea of ‘inheritance’ itself. Woven into one intimate program, these pieces tell a universal story of lineage, loss, and place, and become a meditation on confronting our past while moving forward into the future.

For more information and tickets to the amazing events please visit our website.

We look for to seeing you at the Center for the Arts in Kayenta.

Photography by Nancy Forman

Kayenta Center for the Arts Photography Show

“People, Places and Ponies”

Opening Reception – Join your neighbors and support the Arts
Wednesday, January 3 from 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Center for the Arts in Kayenta.

The exhibitions are free and open to the public during the Center’s business hours as well as during performances and special events.

Art On Loan

Kayenta Art Village

Unique Experiences,
Gastronomic Delights,
Local Perspective,
Exceptional Art.

Connie Gates

Glass Artist Connie Gates

featured at

Gallery 873

As we begin the new year we have taken one quick look back to the improvements to the Desert Arboretum and Desert Rose Labrinth completed last year. 

Kayenta Deseret ArboretumThey include the removal of tamarisk along the pathway leading to the labyrinth and the installation of low voltage pathway lights throughout the arboretum.  A look ahead:

  • Don’t miss the holiday night lighting exhibit in the arboretum which will remain throughout the first 10 days of January.
  • We plan to re-introduce our spring lecture series which was interrupted by the pandemic in 2001.  Look for the announcement of lectures to be held in February and March.
  • The Desert Rose Labyrinth will celebrate 20 years since its creation.  Look for celebrations to be held later this spring.
  • Look for the announcement of the Arboretum plant sale to be held in April.

As always, we thank the many volunteers who have spent many hours maintaining and improving these great Kayenta attractions.  If you would like to join us and become part of the team, please contact Roger Head, (435) 632-1814 or rbhkayenta@gmail.com.


Kayenta Homes & Properties Annual

Kayenta Homes and Properties Open House

We invite Kayenta residents to stop by and join in the festivities,
libation, and food, catered by Petite Feast.

We will have our “World Famous” hot chocolate bar
along with some delectable eatables.

Center for the Arts at Kayenta

February 1st, 2024, 1:00 PM – 4:00 pm

Please RSVP before January 20th, 2024 so that we can prepare for the event.

This party is open house style, utilizing the lobby space, and outdoor patio for everyone’s comfort.

Please dress for the weather.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Kayenta HOmes & Properties

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!

Jeff Sproul, Principal Broker
Steve McAllister & Naomi Doyle, Sales Agents

435-628-7234   www.kayentahomes.com

Kayenta Community

The local perspective. Our businesses and residents news and events.
Coyote Tales
Photo by Alan Holben
Coyote Tales

We Want to Hear Your Story

Join us February 9th for an evening of true stories told live the Coyote Tales way!

Storytelling – in all its forms – is a powerful bond that connects and unites us as individuals and communities.

Coyote Tales events are community-focused storytelling celebrations that not only entertain, but strive to foster deeper empathy, compassion, and understanding the listener. On February 9th Coyote Tales will take the stage at The Center for the Arts at Kayenta to bring you a unique evening of true stories told live. We have an exciting lineup of tellers, but there is room on the stage for you too.

WANT TO GET ON STAGE? Prepare a 5-minute story about a time when you found resolution, a truce, an olive branch. Have you ever surrendered to the greater good or had to negotiate for peace with a nation, a notion, or a neighbor? Perhaps you had to come to terms or wave the white flag. Tell us about a time when you gave peace a chance. We want to hear YOUR story about MAKING PEACE

YOUR STORY MUST BE YOUR STORY. Were you there? Are you the main character? Your involvement in the events as they unfold is essential. We are after true, first-person narrative stories.

If you are interested in getting on stage, please contact Victoria through the Coyote Tales website.

Event Details
Date: Friday, February 9th at The Center for the Arts at Kayenta
Pre-show party 6:30 pm (event ticket required for admission)
Storytelling: 7:30 pm

Coyote Tales events are funded by Petite Feast, Utah Humanities, Utah Division of Arts and Museums,
Kayenta Homes and Properties SBDance, The INN at Santa Clara & Desert Dweller Realty
All proceeds from live Coyote Tales events have benefited local non-profits or have been FREE.

Steve and Tom

Resident Spotlight

Janell Bassett, Editor

Steve McAllister and Tom Nemec

Not Lost in Translation—From hockey to real estate, accounting to art

Growing up in Albuquerque, Steve McAllister always knew that he wanted to see the world and explore different languages, cultures, and lifestyles. A two-year LDS mission to France only reinforced this desire. After graduating from BYU with a master’s degree in accounting, he joined the Dallas office of the international accounting firm PwC, which gave him the opportunity to visit many fascinating locations around the world on regular business trips. He never expected that his “boring” career choice of becoming a CPA would ultimately lead him to live in such exotic locations as Caracas, London, and, more recently, Prague, for the 10 years before discovering Kayenta.

In 2017, feeling the need to return to the USA to be closer to his aging parents, Steve stumbled across Kayenta. Enchanted by the stunning red rocks and unique vision of the community, he purchased a lot with the idea of returning to build a home someday.

Around this same time, back in Prague, Steve and Tom Nemec met (initially online) and formed a fast friendship that eventually developed over time into something much more than either of them ever anticipated, especially since Steve’s Czech and Tom’s English were both so poor that they communicated mostly through text messaging…even when they were in the same room!

Tom was a sergeant and logistics officer in the Czech Army who had been ice skating since the age of 3 and was playing semi-pro hockey when he and Steve met.

When Steve’s job in Prague phased out and Tom decided to retire from the Army, the two put plans in motion to build their Kayenta home, arriving In 2019, ready to start a new adventure together. For Steve, the best part of moving here is living close to family again after so many years abroad. The worst part was leaving so many good friends behind in Prague. For Tom, the best part is the warm temperatures and the absence of snow. The worst part is having to drive 120 miles to Las Vegas to find a decent hockey rink!

Within two weeks of their arrival, Steve and Tom exchanged marriage vows, since Tom had entered the country with a fiancé visa, which requires a marriage within 90 days. Though they initially considered being married in a drive-through chapel in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator, ultimately they decided to marry in the partially-constructed living room in the home they were building surrounded by family and new Kayenta neighbors. It turned out to be a simple but inspired decision.

Steve studied for his Utah real estate license during his last few months in Prague without any serious plan for using it, so he was thrilled to find a position opening up with Kayenta Homes & Properties soon after his arrival. Tom became a US citizen this year and, having studied art and anatomy at Utah Tech has been the manager of the Datura Art Gallery for the past two years. These days, you’ll see both Steve and Tom working in the Art Village or dining at Xetava, speaking at Coyote Tales, attending a MakeSpace class, or riding their e-bikes through the Kayenta community.

Steve, McCallister

Editors note. If you know someone that you think should be featured in our monthly Kayenta Connection under our NEW “Resident Spotlight” section please email the Kayenta Connection at kayentaconnection@rdicreative.com. Our intent is to focus on the incredible people living in our community– be they seasoned residents or new recruits. 

December 2023 Ivins City Council Update

Mike Scott, Council Member

Saturday Night Favor

Over the past few years, the State Legislature has passed legislation limiting our ability to control development in our community. And it looks like they plan to keep doing that in 2024.

So, I’m asking for a favor. Please come and talk to Senator Don Ipson and Representative Neil Walter on Saturday night, January 20th at 7pm at Rocky Vista University. Yes, Saturday night isn’t ideal, but with the legislature in session, they are only available on weekends. Let’s not miss this opportunity.

I talked to both last week and it is clear they want to listen. Makes sense. They represent us, so they need to know what concerns us. And they want to get our feedback on issues that concern them. So, let’s talk to them. Let’s help them help us.

Ivins Council UpdateWe want them to go to bat for us. But there are 104 legislators at the Capitol. So, for them to have a loud voice on our behalf in the Legislature, they need to know they are speaking for a lot of voices in Ivins, not just one disgruntled city council member. Please show up. It’s important.

This is our opportunity to tell them what state actions we’re unhappy about and what we want to see happen, or not happen, in 2024. It is important for us to let them know our views. They are in the Legislature to fight for us. But they can’t do that if they don’t know where we stand on issues.

Here are a couple of articles about issues I’m concerned about. Contact me any time if you want to discuss these or other issues (mike@MikeScott4Ivins.com).

Let’s make sure they have a clear understanding of our concerns on issues the state will likely tackle, including water, development density, housing affordability, accessory dwelling units, short-term rentals, development standards, and more.

Please show up. Let our legislators know what you care about. We’ve lost ground in the past couple of years. We need to turn that around. We need to reinforce the principle that government closest to the people governs best and a city works best when we can exercise our legal authority to meet the needs and vision of our community.

Developers With Seeger Syndrome

Developers have the Seeger Syndrome in Ivins. For Pete’s sake, they’re hammering in the morning! They’re hammering in the evening! They’re hammering all over this city!

Ivins issued 100 to 150 residential permits a year between 2015 and 2018. Permit activity almost doubled after 2018, peaking in late 2021 at close to 300 permits for the year. Then permit activity fell dramatically in 2022, ending the year with only 136 permits issued.

But 2023 is a completely different story. This will be a record year for permits, with close to 500 issued. But few of those will be for future residents. Ivins will only issue about 60 singlefamily permits in 2023. The rest are multifamily, and most of those are for tourist accommodations, not apartments, condominiums, or townhomes for permanent residents.

Quite a change. Are developers hammering out a warning? Are they hammering out danger?

Ivins Council Update

More City Information

I try to keep these articles relatively concise. Not doing too well at that. It’s frustrating because there’s so much to discuss. So, please email me at Mike@MikeScott4Ivins.com for more information about these and other Ivins issues. Also, please tell me what issues in Ivins matter to you. Visit my website at www.MikeScott4Ivins.com  for regular updates and now you can also add your comments to my articles.

Make Space

MakeSpace Art School and Studios

Located in beautiful Kayenta.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2024 at MakeSpace Art School!  Explore your creativity with other friends, neighbors, and artists in the art village of Kayenta.  Learn a new skill in the new year by enrolling in one of the many creative options available in our community.  There are painting classes for all levels of artists plus other fun and unique artistic mediums to try.  Consider these possibilities:

MakeSpace Class

“Water Works” Painting

Starts January 9th – 4-Week Series

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm
Instructor:  Deena Millecam

This class is for all water painting mediums and is taught by local artist and popular instructor Deena Millecam.  Bring your own projects and reference materials and Deena will provide demonstrations and guidance to help you complete your paintings.

MakeSpace Class

Learn to Knit

January 10

Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Instructor: Patricia Knott

In this class, we will explore the basics of any knitting project such as casting on, knit stitch and purl stitch, and how to knit from a text or grid pattern. Students will explore a host of knitting stitches and create a variety of swatches that can translate to a larger project.

MakeSpace Class

Alcohol Ink Art on Canvas

January 13

Time: 10 am – 2 pm
Instructor: Rorie Tafoya

If you have painting experience or have used alcohol ink, this is the class for you.  This workshop will focus on how to control the flow of alcohol ink using brushes and air as you create your modern piece of art.


MakeSpace Class

“Water Works” Painting

Starts January 9th – 4-Week Series

Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Instructor: Darcy Lee Saxton

This class is great for beginners!  Learn the basics of working with fluid acrylic. We will overview the elements and principles of design as we create small acrylic pour paintings. All supplies will be provided.  Walk away with beautiful high gloss acrylic paintings to keep or gift, plus the know-how to do it all again.

MakeSpace Class

Introduction to Needle Felting

January 31

Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Instructor: 1 pm – 3 pm

This fun, forgiving, and affordable medium is sure to be a hit with anyone wanting to learn more about fiber arts.  All supplies are included as your instructor walks you through each step to make your delightful goldfish.  No experience is needed.

MakeSpace Class

River Rock Mosaic Workshop

February 9 & 10

Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Instructor:  Joyce Casey

Join us for a two-day artistic adventure in creating your very own river rock mosaic to adorn your outdoor space!  In this hands-on workshop, you will learn of the various methods, materials, and safety essentials required to successfully create your own composition in glass.


MakeSpace Kayenta

Your Community. Your Classes. Your Space. 

View the full schedule online.

And, while you are there, register your email to receive monthly updates on classes.


Petite Feast
Petite Feast
Petite Feast

Petite Feast Dinner Club



For this very special February Dinner, I want to take you on a culinary expedition where each course will be presented with written prose alongside. The meal’s story will unfold through the lines of poetry. Each line of the menu will guide the diner through the meal and the journey we are on; each phrase showcasing a unique description of the course to follow. We are traveling together. Purchase your seat and ponder and dream of the stops we will be making along the way.




at dusk rose colored skies surrender to glittering liquid stars

precious tokens of winter’s garden unearthed and adorned with salty black pearls

the fire’s smoky breath mingles with the frosty wind

while we lie on dry grass dreaming of India

love letters whisper my longing

as sparkling jewels swirl beneath the surface of still water

and carry me toward the sweet radiant colors of spring

*The evening’s menu will feature predominantly fish, seafood and vegetable offerings. If you have allergies or dietary preferences, please contact Victoria directly to discuss available menu options. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences. Additional charges may apply for substitutions. 

 To reserve your seat at the table please click on the link below

**The exact address and driving directions will be emailed 1 week prior to the event

About Petite Feast Dinner Club: after 35 years as a restaurateur, caterer, chef and Food and Wine best new chef nominee, Victoria Topham is opening her kitchen to share her unique culinary skills and healthy cooking style with guests just like you. PF Dinner Club offers guests the opportunity to socialize with new friends around a shared table while enjoying deliciously upscale meals. Monthly dinners will feature an hors d’oeuvre hour followed by a multi course dinner where mingling with the chef in the kitchen is encouraged. ** Think – mash-up of a restaurant, dinner party and cooking class.  And, she always has a few unplanned courses and surprises for her guests!  Events are announced monthly through the website and pricing for each event varies. Victoria is happy to accommodate your special celebration requests and dietary preferences whenever possible. I hope to see you soon.

Petite Feast
Petite Feast
Petite Feast
Petite Feast
Petite Feast
Petite Feast
Petite Feast

Virtual Dinner Party #91


For most of us, the past twelve month have been spent appreciating the awesome natural beauty of our surroundings, engaging in joyful activities with family  and friends, and experiencing memorable highs and most likely a few lows. Historically, the arrival of the new year has always been a time to reflect and take stock of where we’ve been. But it can also be a time to make plans for where we’d like to go – There is much to consider. What habits to keep and cultivate and which no longer serve us and should be let go of?

As I approach the start of 2024, there is one thing that I know for sure: sharing these recipes and preparing meals for those I love will continue to be a treasured part of how I spend my days. I hope that is true for you too. Through your continued participation in our Virtual Dinner Party, I hope to encourage you to try new and unfamiliar cuisines and to guide you in learning new techniques and ways to sharpen old skills. But most importantly, I hope that your participation spurs you on to joyfully engage in the work of preparing something good to eat and then to share it with others.

2024’s inaugural VDP recipe is for an impressive sausage and spaghetti torte.  To make it, I’ve taken a tasty but homey standby and reimagined it in an easily achieved show stopping presentation. Ho hum sausage and spaghetti undergo a lasagna-style makeover that does away with the time-consuming work of layers and layers of vegetables and sauce, yet somehow still manages to emerge from the oven as a glorious cheese blanketed casserole. If you’re feeling adventurous, bake the pasta in a 6” parchment lined springform pan, but if you are after a less fiddly presentation, a regular rectangular casserole will work well too.

Feel free to play around with the recipe, swapping in your favorite ground meat or adding sauteed vegetables to the sauce. The thing that makes this dish special is the presentation! It’s achieved by the extra mortar of cheesy fontina goodness added to the sauce and pasta mix prior to baking it in the oven. The cheese makes the torte more substantial and sturdy enough to be sliced into neat, towering portions. The torte is truly an impressive sight when unmolded and brought to the table.

If you have not joined the Virtual Dinner Party but would like to dine with us, please prepare this recipe – or any other – and share it with your family, friends and neighbors. It is our group’s firm belief that by preparing something good to eat and sharing it with those we love, we are participating in one of life’s greatest joys. The connection, community and good will that come from it fill us with joy, hope and gratitude.   I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Wishing you and yours a bright and joyful New Year. Thanks for coming to the party. Cook On!  – Victoria

Sausage and Spaghetti Torte

¼ C extra virgin olive oil
4 oz spicy Italian sausage
3 large cloves garlic, peeled and thinly slivered
2 (28 oz.) cans peeled and crushed tomatoes in juice
Pinch crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
1 tsp. fennel seed
2 t salt
1 bunch baby spinach coarsely chopped
1/2 # spaghetti
1 ½ C grated fontina cheese
Fresh basil, Pecorino Romano for serving

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prepare springform pan if using *see preparation sidebar

Prepare sauce: Heat oil in a medium saucepan over low heat. Add sausage and cook through until no longer pink. Using a slotted spoon, remove cooked sausage from pan and set aside. In the same pan, add garlic and sauté, stirring occasionally until very fragrant but not browned, about 5 minutes. Add tomatoes and their juice, red pepper flakes, fennel seed and salt. Bring up to a simmer and cook about 20 minutes or until tomatoes break down and sauce has thickened slightly.

Stir chopped spinach into sauce and cook until wilted. Add reserved sausage and cook an additional minute or two until heated through. Remove 1 C of sauce and set aside before proceeding with recipe.

Cook spaghetti according to package directions. Drain well and set aside.

Prepare Torte: Combine remaining sauce, cooked spaghetti and 1 C grated fontina in a large mixing bowl. Toss gently until pasta is evenly coated with the sauce and cheese is evenly distributed throughout. Transfer the mixture to the prepared springform pan and press down lightly to compact. Top with remaining fontina cheese and chopped fresh basil.

Bake Torte: Place torte on a rimmed baking sheet in preheated oven and bake for 20 minutes or until cheese has melted and edges begin to brown. Remove from oven and let cool for 15-20 minutes. Once rested, release springform clasp and carefully remove the pan and parchment paper collar. Stand back and admire your work! Slice and dust with Pecorino Romano cheese, passing reserved sauce at the table.

Serves 2-4

Chef’s note: I like to line my springform pan with a parchment collar to prevent sticking and ensure an easy release. It’s not 100% necessary, but the extra step guarantees an Instagram worthy presentation. To do it, on a sheet of parchment paper, trace around the bottom of your springform pan. Cut out the circle and set aside. Then cut a strip roughly 1” taller and 1” longer than the circumference of the interior of the pan and set aside. Lightly spray the interior of the pan with pan spray. Press the circular piece to the bottom of the pan. Then, carefully press the strip around the interior circumference overlapping the edge for complete coverage.

Xetava Gardens Cafe


Xetava Cafe and Tapas+Bar is locally owned, and unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. Designed to be a respite from the bustle of modern life, the building is nestled under the giant red cliffs of Ivins, surrounded by the Kayenta Art Village and Center for the Arts. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the views while you choose between our new Tapas+Bar area or the original Cafe.

Hours of Operation


CAFE 11-5 • TAPAS+BAR 4-8



CAFE 11-8 • TAPAS+BAR 4-9


CAFE 9-8 (brunch ‘til Noon) • TAPAS+BAR 4-9


CAFE 9-8 (brunch ‘til Noon) • TAPAS+BAR 4-8

Health, Fitness & Wellness

Kayenta’s locally run gyms, fitness classes, spas,  group workouts, wellness activities, and mindful experiences.



Elevate Fitness

Elevate studio

Current Class Offerings 

ElevateFit • 9:30 am, Mon, Wed, Fri

Elevate Yoga • 9:30 am Thur, 10 am Sat

Elevate Studio • 435-632-1381 • jyfitness@me.com

 Class size is limited and subject to change.
Pre-registration is required. Contact John before attending your first class.
Be happy. Be healthy. Have a blast!  ELEVATE!

Kayenta Home Yoga

“The land is whispering feelings of deep rest,
the sense of it landing softly
in each being’s bones and flesh
like gentle fog.”
-Brigit Anna McNeill

Winter’s cooler weather is an invitation to slow down and reconnect with the structure of scheduled classes.

We will pick up where we left off:  Noticing the breath, paying attention to the body, and focusing the mind.

Class Schedule
9:30 – 10:45 Tuesday: Vigorous Vinyasa
9:30 – 10:45 Wednesday: Relaxing Yin/Stretch
9:30 – 10:45 Thursday: Vigorous Vinyasa

Please contact me for more information.  Pre-registration is required.

Karen Kushner (E-RYT 500)

Find Your Joy Yoga

Find your Joy Yoga

Find Your Joy Yoga

Tuesdays at 9:30 am

At John Yohmans’s Elevate Fitness Studio in Kayenta!

Classes are $15 • Punch cards are available for $75 (5 classes)

No sign-up is required!

I will also be offering Sacred Healing Classes one Saturday morning a month
at my most sacred place, my home.

Classes include:
Sacred Tea Ceremony • Meditation • Yoga
Class/workshop will be 2 hours.
Please email me for a list of upcoming classes and dates.

Vaccination cards are required to attend in-person classes.

Call/text: 435-862-7743

Sacred Space Spa

Sacred Space Spa

Body, Skin, and Energy Work

Ask about our add-ons to enhance your treatment! 

Please call or text to schedule or with any questions! Please remember that I am usually booked at least 2 weeks out.

Namaste, Aly Hansen

For a full list of Spa Treatments visit:

Tel: 435-862-7743

Javier’s Massage

Javier Massage

Javier Guzman LMT/LMMT

Massage is medicine for the body and mind

Hi, I’m Javier Guzman a licensed massage therapist who resides in the beautiful community of Kayenta. My handcrafted massages are designed for you whether you want relaxation, deep therapeutic, stress reducing, pain relieving, or just to improve overall health & well-being. Don’t delay your journey to a healthier you!

“I think he is a neighborhood treasure. He has a very nice casita where he works. I love his massage and he is a really nice, thoughtful, considerate, good guy.” ~ Christy Lueders

Call or text for an appointment:

Javier Guzman

Kayenta Pickleball Group (KPG)

Does Pickleball Pique Your Interest?

If you have an interest in joining or have played very little to even not at all and would like to try it prior to paying dues, contact Denton Zubke by email at dbzubke@gmail.com or by phone or text at 701-570-4043. It’s a great way to meet other Kayenta residents and enjoy some fun and get some great exercise.

We’re planning on more organized events such as clinics, beginner classes, and round robins in 2023.  Join us in learning to play.  It’s fun the first day, infectious, and great for fitness.  Please email Denton Zubke or Erin at the Kayenta office for more information.

Trips and Trails

Parowan Gap

Kayenta Exploration Group

January, 2024

For information on our next trip please contact Charles Dillier at 435-656-1956

Desert Rose Labyrinth

Desert Rose Labyrinth

The labyrinth is sacred ground, a place of rest and renewal.

The Desert Rose Labyrinth & Sculpture Garden is a community resource with the intention that all who walk the labyrinth will be blessed with peace, comfort, and open hearts. The Labyrinth is maintained and funded by Kayenta volunteers. Please be respectful and leave only footprints. For more information or to make group reservations, please contact:

Cheryl Collins: 435-674-1664

Beth Hopwood: 802-922-8905

Desert Rose Labyrinth
792 Kayenta Pkwy, Ivins UT

Community Advocates

Are you a Kayenta resident? Do you have a cause or passion that you are personally involved with in the St. George area?
If so, let your neighbors know right here.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Humanity
Advocate: Patrick Barickman

To learn more about our projects and mission please visit our website.

835 South Bluff Street, St. George, UT. 84770

Desert Preservation InitiativeDPI – Desert Preservation Initiative
Advocate: Chuck Warren 

Progress and Plans: By the numbers

In the midst of the holiday blur of gifts and guests, most of us also have to grapple with numbers, the year-end calculations of taxes to be paid and projects planned or completed. The same holds true for the Desert Preservation Initiative, as the directors looked back at what was accomplished in 2023 and what the group plans to tackle in 2024.

Our mission:
Review, Restore, Preserve
The driving mission of the Desert Preservation Initiative is to restore native ecosystems using science-based methods to create a sustainable future for the health and beauty of our shared environment.

The small group of residents who began meeting in 2021 with Chuck Warren to build and maintain local trails soon shifted their focus to repairing the local habitat, particularly along the trails in Kayenta’s washes, by removing invasive tamarisk. Taking the name, the Kayenta Natural Area Restoration Project, within a year the group applied for and received non-profit 501(c)(3) status as the Desert Preservation Initiative.

During DPI’s first 12-month season for the removal of tamarisk and Russian olive, over 1,700 volunteer hours were invested in cutting, disposing, and killing these invasives on 15 properties. From January to May of 2023, DPI volunteers conducted at least three removal sessions each week. Yet much remains to be done. Even with so many volunteers and donors supporting invasive removal, DPI has removed maybe 20% of the previously surveyed tamarisk within Kayenta. And, each removal site will require on-going monitoring and treatment of regrowth for at least a year, followed by potential restoration, if needed.

In support of this work, DPI has accomplished the following:

  • Educated residents on the need to remove invasives and the procedures employed through articles, brochures and educational walks
  • Mapped/recorded all known tamarisk sites in Kayenta
  • Met with local and state agencies as appropriate for advice and assistance
  • Conducted safety training sessions on the use of herbicide
  • Provided copies of the plant databases to the ACC’s Landscaping Committee to coordinate on tamarisk removal and plants approved for restoration
  • Developed a plan to create a DPI native plant nursery approved by Terry Marten (presently on hold)
  • Developed fund-raising support through partnerships with Gallery 873 and with artisans in the Southern Utah Woodturners
  • Cleared invasives from the Kayenta Desert Rose Labyrinth improving trail access and the visitor experience
  • Began work on the largest project ever, the 14 properties in the Willow Springs Wash (near/parallel to Wisteria Way)

Looking ahead, the DPI board and members are planning on more safety training for volunteers, and continuing to develop detailed plant databases to identify potential invasives and plants approved for restoration, and providing accurate information to the community about DPI techniques and process.

“It’s been a tremendous year in every way,” says President Chuck Warren, “but we are well aware of the magnitude of what remains to be done.” Key to moving forward, says Warren, is continuing to engage and recruit new volunteers and supporters and building additional sources of revenue, including applying for grants. “There’s much to do,” he says, “but we are happy with the progress we’ve made so far and excited about the future.”

DPI board

The DPI board meets regularly with Kayenta developer Terry Marten. Front: Steve Sullivan (DPI legal advisor) and Terry Marten. Back, from left: DPI directors Dan Beck, Karen Baker, Sara Dupre and Chuck Warren.

Won’t you join us? If you are interested in learning more, volunteering, or having a review of invasive plants on your property, please contact Chuck Warren, president, (chuckwarren222@ gmail.com) or Dan Beck, volunteer coordinator (danbeck2@me.com).

Inkas no kill Animal Supporters

INKAS – Ivins No Kill Animal Supporters
Advocate: Lois Hewitt 

INKAS brought Christmas cheer to the Santa Clara – Ivins Animal Shelter and Washington County animal rescue organizations in December.

Stockings filled with treats were hung from each dog kennel and cat room at the shelter. Gifts of toys, cat litter, and cat food were placed under the Christmas tree. PAWS, BAM, New Start K9, Jackson Day Foundation, RSQ and One More Chance animal rescues esch received a gift card to use as needed in support of the important work they do on behalf of homeless animals.

Your donations to INKAS help finance our efforts to provide resources for homeless animals, and are tax deductible. Visit us at www.inkas4pets.org to learn more about the work that we do.

Santa Clara-Ivins Animal Shelter

Bailee Mabe, Shelter Manager

474 North 200 West, Ivins


Hours by appointment:
Monday – Saturday, 8am – 3 pm

Dogs and Cats

Ivins Night Sky Initiative
Advocate: Kai Reed

Ivins Night Sky launched on January 8th, 2019. We are a 100% volunteer, not-for-profit, citizen organization. We registered as a Utah nonprofit corporation in February 2019 and received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS in March.

Our mission is to improve, preserve, and protect the night sky over Ivins and our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting, and to serve as a resource for City officials, residents, and businesses.

Let us know if this Initiative is important to you, if you are willing to get involved, and what else you think we should be doing to improve, preserve, and protect the night skies in Ivins.

Friends of Snow Canyon

Friends of Snow Canyon State Park
Advocates: Lori Capshaw


We’d like to invite all Kayenta residents to join us in supporting Snow Canyon State Park. Our mission is to provide support to Snow Canyon State Park through various means. For more information and to join Friends please visit our website.

Nextdoor Kayenta

Nextdoor Kayenta
Advocate: Ray Borg

Nextdoor is a completely private online website environment for all of the Kayenta Nextdoor neighborhoods. Special thanks to Ray Borg for being our fearless leader.

Community and City Resources

Resident support services, businesses, and education and enrichment programs

Located in the desert community of Kayenta Utah, the Crescent Moon Inn is the perfect place to get away from it all.  The Inn is just a short walk or bike ride from the Kayenta Art Village, where locally-owned art galleries, the Sacred Space Day Spa and the Xetava Garden Cafe add to your unique experience.

For Reservations or Pricing call:

Looking for a Hair Artist right here in Kayenta?….JENN Hair Artist embodies the artistic creativity and passion of the beauty industry. She thrives in creating natural, sexy cuts and color styles for men and women. She looks forward to pampering you.

924A Art Village Way, Ivins, UT 83455
801 637-0884 (call or text)

Happy2Help is an in-home personal concierge service.

Services Include:

• Personal Shopping
• Health Recovery Assistance
• Meal Prep
• Snowbird Service
• Home Organization
• Event Assistance

Call or email Andrea, your trustworthy neighbor at

Good Medicine beauty lab

Good Medicine Intuitive Skin Care

Good Medicine Beauty Lab is a small women-owned company, that creates high-quality face and skincare products. The products are all hand-crafted in our Kayenta lab, from ethically sourced ingredients and wild desert botanicals.

• Unique face and body care products.

• Safe, natural, and locally sourced wild botanical ingredients

Stop by and test all our products, we will be open every day from 9-5!

Kayenta Art Village: 873 Coyote Gulch Ct. Suite C, walk towards the Center for the Arts & look for the bright purple door.

Happy up your home

Is your Home dated, and in desperate need of a complete makeover? I can completely update the look and feel of your home without costly remodeling. I can help with affordable solutions that will transform your space. You will have a home that is organized, more current, and looks beautiful.

Are you building a New Home and need the finishing Touches? I can help with all the decorative touches, from home furnishings to tile, paint & more!

Happy Up Your Home with Home Stylist Nancy Weezy Forman, Kayenta Resident


Kayenta Committees

Board opportunities, landscaping, and ACC & HOA contact information.

Kayenta Deseret ArboretumKayenta Desert Arboretum

As fall approaches our Arboretum volunteers are making plans for the cooler months of the year. Check out our booth at Art in Kayenta where we will have plants and plant decorations available for sale.  Once again we are planning our lighting display which will highlight the holiday season.  Strolling through the pathways in the evening will be much easier this year as a result of a new pathway lighting system installed during the spring and summer.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this project possible.

We continue to welcome landscaping-minded volunteers who maintain and continue to make improvements to the arboretum and the Desert Rose Labyrinth. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or just looking for information about the arboretum contact Roger Head, rbhkayenta@gmail.com or 435-632-1814.

kayenta landscape committeeKayenta Landscaping Committee

Please visit the Kayenta HOA website ACC tab for Landscaping documentation. Select Landscaping Regulations Rev 2017 and Landscaping Review Steps 2017.

Kayenta HOAACC & HOA Information

The Kayenta ACC meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month, 2:00 pm in the Kayenta Community Room. A hard copy of the agenda is posted in the Kayenta Homes & Properties office the Thursday before the meeting.

Questions? Ellen Nathan

Phone: 435-652-8333

Shonto Point HOA Meetings
The Shonto HOA Board meets regularly during the year avoiding some summer months. All meetings are from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM on the third Wednesday of the month in the Theatre for the Arts, located in the Kayenta Art Village. The next meeting will be in September

Taviawk 2023 HOA Board  Meetings
The Board plans to meet on the Thursday after the ACC meeting (which is the 3rd Tuesday of each month) bi-monthly at 9:30 am at F1 Property Management. Dates are: July 20, September 21 & November 16

The Kayenta Concept

The Kayenta Concept is a philosophy that has steered the development of our exceptional community since its inception. The standards that underlie that concept are enforced by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), which serves both the Shonto Point and Taviawk HOAs. The pre-amble to the 2021 ACC Handbook lays out the basics of the architectural rules that have been followed to create the homes and land-scape we live in.

When your home was designed the Kayenta Concept was front and center. The ACC reviewed your design to evaluate whether it followed the rules, and the ACC monitored construction of your home through landscaping and occupation, again, reviewing adherence to design and construction standards. When you received your occupancy permit and construction deposit refund from the ACC, on-going compliance with the Kayenta Con-cept became the responsibility of your HOA Board of Directors. Your Board has the authority to perpetuate the Kayenta Concept into the future and gladly accepts that role.

The Kayenta Concept is worth reviewing to remind us that what we have here has only happened because of the rules Kayenta developer Terry Marten set up to own, build and live in Kayenta. His vision and the governing documents he developed to achieve and maintain that vision established the Kayenta HOAs and gave them the responsibility and authority to enforce the CC&Rs that underlie the beauty and value we all enjoy


Ivins City Dumpster Dates and Blucan Recycling Calendars

Ivins City

Ivins City Offices are open.

For Appointments with a specific department call:
Administration: 435-628-0606   
: 435-634-9753
Parks or Cemetery: 435-634-7719
Public Works: 435-634-0689
Dispatch: 435-634-5730 or Animal Control: 435-628-1049

Ongoing Events and Activities

Weekly and monthly gatherings

Kayenta Book Lovers

Meetings the 2nd Monday of every month. For more details contact our bookclub

Kayenta Weavers

The Kayenta Weavers group meets weekly to enjoy the limitless creativity of off-loom weaving.

For information contact Katie


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