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1. Kayenta features spacious lots with generous set-backs

Kayenta boasts large lots with space to breathe and plenty of elbow room! Our set-backs are greater than you might find in a typical neighborhood. Thoughtfully defined Building Envelopes are created specifically for each lot. This allows for the creation of space between homes – assuring plenty of views, natural open space, privacy and optimal solar orientation. Theses considerations result in the ultimate enjoyment of your unique Kayenta home, while preserving the spacious nature of our community. Consult our experts – regarding limitations – before purchasing a building site or existing home.

2. Kayenta’s CC&R’s are managed by several Home Owners Associations

Kayenta encompasses over 2,000 acres. Within our community there are different neighborhoods with a variety of slightly different policies regarding design and construction. For the most part, restrictions regarding height and outdoor lighting are consistent throughout Kayenta, subtle differences exist in areas of external colors, maximum area of disturbed space (coverage) and HOA fees. Most lots of 1.0 acre in size or more are allowed up to 25% of disturbed space. This includes driveways, courtyards, pools and structures. Building sites less than one acre have coverage that ranges from 30%-40%.

3. Homes are individually designed – for you!

Your home is a unique expression of your style and creativity. The way you live in your custom built Kayenta home is your individual statement. Each home in Kayenta is designed according to your requirements and the requirements of any given building site. Careful consideration is given to views, access, privacy, energy efficiency and your comfort. Our mild-climate and beautiful surroundings promotes true indoor/outdoor living opportunities much of the year. Seamless integration of living spaces inside and out, invite you to partake of all the amazing advantages that this special ecosystem has to offer. Enjoyment, relaxation and intimate time with family & friends are what Kayenta is all about.

Contact Gulch Design Group for a complimentary consultation to learn more about the design and construction process in Kayenta.

4. Kayenta is a well-balanced and diverse community

The majority of Kayenta owners are full time residents. Pride of ownership prevails in Kayenta. Commitment and affinity for the land results in a tight-knit extended Kayenta family. Choices are plentiful in our community from a rich and diverse social scene to a relaxed, contemplative solitude. You will enjoy the ability to nourish your mind, body and soul! As an alternative to the typical “community club house”, Kayenta had developed the Kayenta Art Village. Located at the heart of Kayenta, it is the cultural and social hub of our community. The Art Village is an eclectic collection of boutiques, galleries, studios, and shops. It also offers an occasional live performance or lecture at the outdoor theater and casual dining daily. It is a natural place for creative stimulation or place to catch up with friends. Visitors from around the world recognize the charm of our unique village and make a point to come back year after year. As a Kayenta resident, you can call the Kayenta Art Village home.

5. You have choices when it comes to the design and construction of your home

Buy now – Build Later. You choose the right time to build your home – there is no time limit. Kayenta Homes & Properties can assist you in finding a Home Designer or Builder – when the time is right – but the choice is yours. Gulch Design Group offers architectural home design services exclusively to our community and our list of pre-qualified builders are experts at building in Kayenta. If you choose to design and build on your own, keep in mind that all plans must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and of course there are strict guidelines that must be observed. Our staff of experts will gladly assist you with guidance.

6. Kayenta HOA Fees are 10 times lower than some other developments!

Home Owners Association Fees can be an unexpected cost. Kayenta Home Owners Association’s have maintained low annual fees of around $500 – that is approximately $40 per month! By retaining the native landscape – similar to that of a National Park, Kayenta keeps your costs down. Residents enjoy maintaining their own properties as they see fit – while observing the well-defined policies regarding landscape and maintenance. Private roads, street signs, common areas, litter removal & HOA insurance are covered by your HOA dues.

7. All lots are created equal

While lots are created of different sizes and may possess unique characteristics, every lot in Kayenta is a good lot! There are no bad ones! The older neighborhoods offer an established quality to the character of Kayenta – while the newly developed areas offer the latest in services and utilities. Kayenta has been under development for the past 30 years and things do change. Building codes, access to utilities, technologies and attitudes all factor into the development of a lot/subdivision at any given time. Some lots may require soils testing, additional utilities, additional government fees or additional construction costs. Lot sales price should factor into any additional costs. Consult Kayenta Homes & Properties for the latest information on any area or specific lot.

8. Pool and Tennis Membership is a Choice Not a Requirement

Kayenta gives you the choice when it comes to the use of the Community Amenities. The Kayenta Recreation Association (KRA) Offers Memberships to Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts. These memberships can be added to your purchase of a property in Kayenta. Many homes and some lots have the initial “buy-in” membership fee included. There is a minimal annual fee for renewal. Many residents find the amenities a valuable asset to the appeal of their property and our community. Consult the Kayenta Homes & Properties team for additional information.

9. Buy Open Space and Save!

While Kayenta offers some of the largest lots in a planned community around, there is sometimes the desire for even more space. Any Kayenta Development lot can be combined with another Kayenta Development lot – to create more open space around your home. Kayenta Development will even offer a discount on the adjoining lot(s) if they are to remain in additional open space. Our goal is to promote living with nature. By the creation of additional Open Space, we expand our spacious community. Ask the Kayenta Homes & Properties team if this is an option for you.

10. To BUY or to BUILD a home? – That is the question.

Kayenta Homes & Properties offers expert insight to the real estate market in southern Utah and especially in Kayenta. Buying an existing home offers the advantage of purchasing now and moving in! You also have the ability to see and touch the exact home you are buying. There is generally an array of quality homes in a variety of price points at any given time.
Buying a lot and building a home may feel like a daunting task. To others is sounds like a dream come true! Whichever category you fall into, we are here to assist you through an enjoyable experience. Working with our in-house designer – Gulch Design Group – and coupled with an experienced Kayenta Builder – you are ensure that the process will go smoothly.