Kayenta Connection November 2022

Takeaways from Octobers Ivins City Town Halls
and the history and future of planning
and development in Kayenta

by Matt Marten

Town Hall Meetings – Ivins General Plan

Perhaps you recently attended one of the town hall meetings hosted by Ivins City.  The meetings were to discuss the City’s General Plan.  It was moderated by Judy Gubler and Mayor Chris Hart helped to answer questions that came up from those in the audience.  City Council members were also in attendance but did not participate. They were there to listen and learn what residents’ thoughts, perceptions, and ideas may be.

Overall, I thought the meetings were a great idea.  These gatherings gave residents the ability to voice opinions and dream a bit about what our city should look like and how it should function.  For the most part, residents were polite and willing to look at creative options to create a livable future.  I know I am preaching to the choir when addressing Kayenta residents, but we all envision a serine community environment that is nature/environment focused with some engaging community activities and events. The arts have always been a part of the fabric of our community and outdoor exercise and recreation is a passion of many.  This is the dynamic we have been working to create in Kayenta for the past couple of decades.

As we have seen the explosion of development around the city it has prompted a reaction of concern for the future of the area.  More houses, more apartments, more commercial, more traffic, more people!  Needless to say, the pace of development has caused concern among residents.   A fair amount of discussion occurred around the desire to maintain open spaces and park areas for higher-density developments.  The visual appearance of higher-density developments was also a topic and a desire for more attractive exteriors was voiced.

An overwhelming voice to halt short term-rentals within Ivins was expressed, most likely as a repercussion of the extensive Black Rock Resort development on the east side of the city.  A question arose about “vacation rentals by owners” which Mayor Hart quickly confirmed were not permitted in Ivins unless it was approved for that purpose in a commercial zone.  He also mentioned it was difficult for the city to regulate such illegal rentals.

The conversation turned to focus on general commercial development within the city.  While some would like to see a limit to commercial development it was also pointed out a need for commercial businesses to bolster the city’s tax revenues.  The discussions resulted in an understanding of the need for commercial in the city, but questions lingered about the type of commercial entities that would be appropriate for our area.

I have been around Ivins/Kayenta just long enough (32 years) to recall the work that has been done over the decades to steer Ivins toward better quality planning and development.  In some cases, we have been successful but in other cases, the goals have been elusive.  I think it is important to recall some history as we look toward planning our future.

The Kayenta Bubble and Planning Interface with Ivins City

Kayenta is a unique bubble in the madness of the real estate and land development world.  The initial planning and concepts that were imagined over 50 years ago still hold firm today.  It takes all of us to work together to maintain the concepts that Kayenta was founded on and grow in creative ways.  For decades, Terry Marten and Kayenta residents have worked diligently to maintain our concept while bringing other parts of Ivins City along with us.  Over the years, Kayenta has influenced the development of the city and has had positive impacts on design, materials, colors, signage, and lighting.  The work continues today.  

Some of you may recall the planning that took place almost two decades ago: Envision Utah and Vision Dixie.  Some of you may have even participated in the planning.  In short, the plans were to create diverse and walkable neighborhoods with sensitivity to the environment, etc.  It was a good generic road map on how to create a wonderful and livable environment but lacked specifics on how to achieve the results.  Needless to say, some of it was implemented and in some cases was completely ignored.

Around this time Ivins also did a fair amount of planning.  Terry Marten and Kayenta were part of those conversations along with other residents and planners.  It was a time when Ivins reached a fork in the road and had to choose which direction to go.  There was still a fair amount of open land and agriculture.  It was a patchwork of alfalfa fields, junk yards, random houses, planned developments dirt, and paved roads.

Resort Commercial – a Destination Community

While residential development was a given, a group of us started working with the city on a plan to steer commercial development.  We all knew the city would need to have a commercial element to be balanced.  No city can rely on its residential residents to shoulder the tax burden of maintaining infrastructure alone.  Business tax revenues are needed to produce a large percent of a city’s revenues.  Right now, residential developers are building the infrastructure and new construction is paying impact fees to fund the city coffers, but this is not a sustainable income source and will stop flowing once everything is initially built.  Along with property taxes, a commercial tax base is needed to help maintain roads, parkways, lights, parks, and other city amenities.  The question is what type of commercial would be appropriate for a small city that is on the edge of the county with an uninhabited wildland interface surrounding it?  Lucky for us, we are not surrounded by other cities and largely populated areas. The drawback to this geography is that we have limited ability to draw folks in to spend money and create tax revenues from surrounding areas.

Since big box stores and car dealerships need to be surrounded by a larger population center or adjacent to a freeway those options would not be viable.  So, what type of commercial is appropriate for the edge of an urban/suburban area that is off the beaten path?  The best solutions for commercial revenue might be supply yards, storage units, and industrial or manufacturing operations!  Believe it or not, there was plenty of interest in making Ivins the junkyard and warehouse district for Washington County.  Of course, this was not acceptable to most of us, so our group worked to transform that thinking.  We looked at the assets our city already had working for it: Red Mountain Resort, Tuacahn Amphitheater, Kayenta Art Village, and Snow Canyon State Park.  These assets formed the basis of our argument to encourage the softest commercial revenue source we could imagine: Resort Commercial.  Because Ivins was perceived to be “far away” from St. George we carefully selected the description or subtext of “destination” to describe our city and its environment commercial businesses and residential attributes.  One of Ivins City’s personalities would be known as a Resort Destination Community.  We were already attracting visitors to spend money in our community, and we continued to need them.

As part of the Kayenta vision, the Resort Commercial designation fits nicely into the type of commercial we want to see in our community.  In fact, the Kayenta Art Village, community swimming pool and pickleball courts are in a Resort Commercial zone.  We have worked for decades with the city to help determine the best locations for businesses in our area.  The Ivins City Land Use Map is a good place to start your research into what has been planned.  While the Land Use Plan does not show much detail it is a guide for buyers, residents, and the city to guide in the planning of our zoning.  This is a conceptual agreement that should be adhered to. Decades of planning and investment have been determined driven by this map.

For decades now, Kayenta has been slowly developing.  We don’t see any abrupt changes to that rhythm any time soon.  Our vision has been to create a balanced community with a large residential component.  Most of the meeting spots, activities, and events are supported by commercial enterprises that have grown in our community.  As housing expands so will our commercial businesses.  Resort Commercial business that exists or will expand include: Xetava Gradens Café, coffee pastry bar, craft cocktails, yoga, fitness, real estate, art framing, gift store, jewelry shop, photography gallery, art gallery, pottery studio, design office, art center (arts and entertainment), art co-op and lodging.

Continued growth of Resort Commercial

Even with an outcry to limit short-term lodging, I am hoping we will continue to find support from our community to allow a modest amount of hospitality and short-term lodging within Kayenta.  Of course, the projects would be consistent with the spirit and concepts of Kayenta.  We have had projects in planning for the land at the corner of Kayenta Parkway and Kwavasa Drive for decades.  In fact, the land has finally been purchased for the aforementioned project after years of negotiations.  Additionally, we have been planning for the area south of Ivins Reservoir we call Crescent Moon Village.

This hospitality project would be modest in scale and low in profile.  The goal is to create an environment that fits nicely within the community and supports our residents along with the businesses in the village and the Center for the Arts.   In 2019 (pre-pandemic) we presented the “Kayenta Casitas” project that would offer two dozen casitas along with a restaurant, meeting rooms, gym, yoga room, and relaxation pool and spa.  At that time, we had great support for the project, and we have been slowly making progress on planning.  The Kayenta Casitas and Crescent Moon Village projects would not only support the needs of guests but also provide spaces available to our community.  Since we do not have HOA-funded recreation spaces and meeting rooms, it has been imperative to partner with commercial businesses to support the need.  We believe that these projects would be a perfect centerpiece to our community offering community gathering spaces both indoors and out.

In our planning, we understand that fully managed short-term lodging would be the preferred alternative to short-term vacation rentals by individual owners.  Short-term vacation rentals by owners are typically unregulated and do not offer the onsite management that fully managed hospitality space would maintain.  The key is to attract like-minded folks that are appreciative of our natural surroundings, the arts, outdoor recreation, and hopefully good food – my wish for the future.

Any proposed project should be based on its merits and value to the community.  I would propose and hope you would support that the types of commercial projects planned for the city should meet several requirements and support the adjacent residential communities.  These developments should include friendly access by foot or by bicycle. Spaces to congregate, recreate and meet should be part of the planning.  Open spaces, parks, and access to art should be fundamental.  All ages should be welcome.  Commercial projects can offer a solution to the needs of the community if the city encourages a certain amount of the space is offered as part of a conditional use.

We hope you will always help and support creative solutions for development that will support the betterment of the city and well-being for all.

Kayenta’s Real Estate Market

By Steve McAllister

After a white-hot two years in the local real estate market, one which saw stratospheric increases in “price per square foot” for homes sold across the entire Kayenta community, we are lately seeing a “correction” (definitely not a “crash”) in the price of homes most recently sold.  Home prices, which soared as high as 70% from pre-pandemic prices through the Summer of 2022, are now retreating, on average, somewhere between 5-10% from their apex from just 3-4 months ago.

Why the sudden change in the market?  A perfect storm of rising interest rates, surging inflation, volatility in the stock market, uncertainty of upcoming mid-term elections, the impact of war in Ukraine on global food and energy prices, and other factors all are contributing to the current situation.

Here at Kayenta Homes & Properties, we’ve noticed a significant drop off in foot traffic passing through the office from interested buyers and the volume of calls from outside agents.  Open houses where multiple above-asking-price offers are collected afterwards from interested buyers have quickly evaporated.  Instead, we are seeing a return to a more traditional, stable, and sustainable market where homes listed for sale typically take between 3-4 months on average to close.  

We are noticing that older homes (especially those which could benefit from some updating) have been the first affected.  Time on the market has increased for these homes while price cuts are once again required at times.  On the other hand, we are still seeing targeted interest in homes that “check the boxes” in terms of desired features (e.g., concrete floors; modern design; floor-to-ceiling glass) from qualified buyers.

If you’ve been considering listing your home for sale but are now wondering if the timing is right in light of current market dynamics, give Jeff, Steve, or Naomi a call at 435-628-7234.  We’re always happy to meet with our neighbors and to share our professional insights and complimentary analysis.


Kayenta HOmes & Properties

Your Kayenta Home and Properties Sales Team:

Jeff Sproul, Principal Broker
Steve McAllister & Naomi Doyle, Sales Agents

435-628-7234   www.kayentahomes.com

Kayenta Art Foundation

Thank you for your support.

On behalf of the Kayenta Arts Foundation Board of Directors thank you so much for your superb and generous support of the Art in Kayenta art festival this year. It was the best since we moved here seven years ago thanks to you and guests from all over who frequented the Kayenta Village, took part in the silent auction, enjoyed a glass of wine or brew listening to music in the Outdoor Theater, and enjoyed the incredible variety of fine artists. This year there were 70 artist booths, the most in many years. All of them were very happy with the success of the festival and look forward to applying for next year. Art in Kayenta is known for having at least a half day or more of terrible weather, but not this year! Sol shined on all of us for three days. What a blessing – fine art and sunshine. 

Recently we met with Hope Silvas, Shivwits Band Chairperson, and Karma Grayman, Shivwits Education Committee Chair, to finalize our agreement for KAF providing $10,000 for Shivwits secondary education scholarships for the spring semester. All this money was donated by guests who attended our annual Festival of the Americas. Last year our scholarship fund assisted six Shivwits young adults attending several different colleges and universities. Our hope is to continue building this fund through the festival and become more and more partners with our Native neighbors. For more information about the festival or the scholarship fund please contact me at RobKayenta@gmail.com.

Center for the Arts at Kayenta

CFAK Event

Soiree Musicale Piano Trio

November 5

The famous “Archduke” and “Dumky” Piano Trios of Beethoven and Dvorak will be performed on November 5, 2022 by pianist Christian Bohnenstengel, violinist Urs Rutishauser and cellist, Ka-Wai Yu.

Post social after the event to meet the artists

CFAK Event

Chess: The Musical

November 10 - 19

In this groundbreaking rock musical, the ancient game becomes a metaphor for romantic rivalries, competitive gamesmanship, super-power politics, and international intrigue. From Bangkok to Budapest, the players, lovers, politicians and spies manipulate and are manipulated to the pulse of a monumental score that includes “One Night in Bangkok” and “Heaven Help My Heart”

CFAK Event

Climate Change

November 29

We’re Out Of Time Presented By Roger Roos

While the effects of human activities on Earth’s climate to date are irreversible on the timescale of humans alive today, every little bit of avoided future temperature increases results in less warming that would otherwise persist for essentially forever. The benefits of reduced greenhouse gas emissions occur on the same timescale as the political decisions that lead to those reductions. But it may not be too late to avoid or limit some of the worst effects of climate change.

The Voyager Lecture Series–Evenings to Inspire Curiosity & Wonder In our fifth season—2021–22—we’ve expanded our wildly popular series to include new guest speakers who will entertain us with thoughtful and exciting stories ranging from the mysteries of pre-recorded history to mysteries of the cosmos.

CFAK Event

Christmas Events Group Discounts

December 2022

Kurt Bestor Christmas, Return to the Music: Internationally acclaimed musician to perform with surprise guests

December 1-3, 202

It’s a Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Show: Join Jimmy Stewart and Friends in a live old-time radio broadcast.

December 16-17, 2022

The 3 Redneck Tenors, Christmas Spec-Tac-YULE-Ar!   

The 3 Redneck Tenors are real-life Broadway and Opera stars that were top finalists on America’s Got Talent”. Their unique Christmas show features classic, pop, and a deep-fried feast of musical delights. The show is infused with vitality, energy, passion, and laughter. These “trailer park singing angels” have packed their festive mullets and will be dashing through Kayenta just in time for some down-home redneck Christmas Cheer.

December 19-21, 202

If you have any questions, please contact me at: ivinsutahcert@gmail.com
David Williams/ Ivins CERT Coordinator


Stories from the desert

Art lovers, mark your calendars and bring your friends to the Artist’s Reception for our Watercolor Exhibit

Opening Reception

Wednesday, November 2th

6:30 – 8:00 PM

This Event is FREE

This show will run from November 2nd through December 28th 2020.

Come and show your support for local, regional, and nationally recognized watercolorists interpreting the theme “Stories from the Desert.”

All art shown will be for sale with a portion benefiting the Center for the Arts at Kayenta.

Kayenta Art Village

Kayenta Art Village

Jump start your holiday shopping at the
Kayenta Art Village.

Unique Experiences,
Local Perspective,
Exceptional Art.


Gallery 873

Kayenta Community

Our businesses and resident sponsored events and news

Make Space

Upcoming MakeSpace Classes

Make Space

Kayenta resident Sally O’Neill

Painting Impressionistic Flowers

When: February 4th, 2023
Time: 9 am -4pm only 3 spaces left)

Join Sally O’Neill, Artist and Kayenta resident for this very special class. Flowers are fun to paint! Colorful and happy but also challenging.

Make Space

Steven Anzardo

Figure Drawing

When: November 11, 2022
Time: 6pm-8:30pm

In this class, we will learn to draw a human figure in the studio with a model.

Make Space

Kayenta resident Beth Hopwood

Soul Collage

When: November 11 or December 2, 2022, or February 3, 2023
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

For some, this can be a spiritual practice of tending to the soul while expressing the self. For others, it is pure creativity. And for still others, it’s healing and finding wholeness.

Make Space

Deena Millecam

Painting with Watercolor

When: November 22nd, 29th &  December 13th, 20th -a 4 Week Session
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Building on each student’s foundational knowledge of watercolor painting, this class will focus on the principles and components that can enhance their personal style.

Make Space

Darcy Lee Saxton

Fundamentals of Acrylic Pour

Dates: One-day class on November 9th or 30th or December 14
Time: 10 am-1 pm

Join us for a morning of art play and exploration as we learn the basics of working with fluid acrylic. This mesmerizing medium is great for anyone wanting to try something new and get their creative juices flowing.


World Renowned Artist and Instructor David Shevlino will be teaching a four-day workshop on March 15-18 2023

Mark your calendars and watch the website for additional details and registration.

Make Space



Art Sale for Worthy Causes

Paintings by Linda Lehmer Callison

Saturday and Sunday, November 19th and 20th
Noon to 4:00 PM at my residence
781 Indigo Court, Ivins/Kayenta, UT 84738
435-628-0268 with questions
Andrew Kramer

As many of you know, my dear Linda with the bright spirit and my beloved partner for 30 years, passed away last February. Linda was an imaginative artist who loved vibrant colors, painted in a variety of styles, and had boundless creative energy. Linda painted passionately almost until the time of her passing.

Linda believed in the importance of giving back to our world and wished for her art to serve that purpose. To honor her wish and commemorate her memory, I’m having a sale of more than 150 of Linda’s paintings, of various sizes and styles, and priced very reasonably. Minimum donations begin at $20 for matted prints and range up to $500 for large paintings – about one-third of our gallery prices. All proceeds will be donated to Linda’s and my favorite worthy causes.

Please bring your checkbooks and make your checks payable to one or more of the following worthy causes. Your checks will be your receipts for your tax-deductible donations. Please, no cash or credit cards or donations to other causes.

Heifer International
World Wildlife Fund
Southern Poverty Law Center
Union of Concerned Scientists
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA)
Conserve Southwest Utah

This is an opportunity to purchase inspiring art in time for the Holidays while supporting worthy causes. See you soon.

October 2022 Ivins City Council Update

Mike Scott, Ivins Council Member

Recent City Council Activity

The City Council has been busy in the past month. Is that a good thing? I’ll understand if you want to paraphrase Mark Twain and say, when the city council is in session, no resident is safe. 

Well, this was clearly good: Kai Reed was appointed to the city’s Sensitive Lands Committee. Kai has actively served our community for years through Friends of Snow Canyon, Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance, Citizens for Dixie’s Future (now Conserve Southwest Utah), Ivins Night Sky, and much more.

In addition to a major rezone to accommodate short-term rentals at the beginning of September, the council rezoned just over 40 more acres in the past 30 days to create additional tourist accommodations. Most of a 31.5 acre parcel on Snow Canyon Parkway was changed from low density residential to Resort Commercial for additional tourist accommodations for Black Desert Resort. Another 9.6 acres just south of Highway 91 was changed from high density residential to Resort Commercial to allow short-term rentals. 

Related to those two decisions, the council eliminated the ability to add any more short-term rentals in residential zones. However, they continue to be allowed in Resort Commercial zones.

The city’s Moderate Income Housing Plan was updated with three goals, including one to “rezone for higher densities necessary to facilitate the production of moderate-income housing.” The switch from residential uses to Resort Commercial for tourist accommodations on 40+ acres doesn’t seem to mesh with these goals. The state requires cities to act on the goals. And they are starting to check whether cities are successful at implementing them. 

Updating Our Vision & Goals

The mayor held three community meetings in mid-October to kick-off our update of the city’s General Plan. There are three more community meetings at the end of October, but I’m writing this before they happen. There was good attendance and lots of resident input at the first three meetings, including a near unanimous view each night that residents don’t want more short-term rentals or other types of tourist housing. 

The city is mailing a survey to all residents at the end of October to help guide the General Plan update. Please watch your mail and don’t mistake the survey mailing for junk mail.

Please participate. The General Plan, with its vision, goals, and action-steps, is an important document. As state statute says, the plan guides the present and future needs of the city, from public safety to water to development. 

What Are Water Trends

In the 12 months ending September 30th, the streamflow on the Virgin and Santa Clara rivers totaled just over 95,000 acre-feet. This is preliminary data. The final numbers should be available in a week. That beats the previous 12-month total of just under 72,000 acre-feet. And it is in-line with the median streamflow of 96,000 acre-feet since 2006. 

Is being in line with the longer-term streamflow good? Karry Rathje, with the Washington County Water Conservancy District (WCWCD), points out that, “Although this water year may be similar to other water years in the last 15 years, we have about 40% more people relying on our supplies than we did in 2006.”

Virgin River Streamflow Chart

The average streamflow is higher than the median, at 122,000 acre-feet. That’s due to some years with exceptional monsoon rains. Those rains are not as helpful as you might think. Karry points out that high river flows must often be bypassed at the Quail Creek Diversion to prevent sediment from filling the transmission pipelines. So, the duration of high flow events affects how much water can be captured and made available for use. Because of this, annual average flow rates are not the best indicator of water availability.

In addition to water conditions on the Virgin River, I started to look at reservoir storage. In the past 12 months the amount of water in our local reservoirs has fallen by 5,000 acre-feet. In the previous 12 months it fell an additional 4,000 acre-feet. Oops. It looks like we’ve been dipping into our savings account to balance our budget. Plus, Karry told me that the amount of water stored in our reservoirs has been declining for four years. Similar declines occurred in the 2006-2009 and in 2011-2015 timeframes. 

She also noted that although it is early in the water year, which started October 1st, there are indications that it may be another average/below average year. She said that WCWCD is concerned that our reservoirs may end the year, next September 30th, at record low levels.

Ivins Water Storage

I also started to look at groundwater trends, meaning the condition of our aquifers. But I have limited space here, so I am posting a more thorough discussion of water issues on my website by the end of October at www.MikeScott4Ivins.com. It includes a lot of information I have received from people at the USGS Utah Water Science Center, Utah Rivers Council, WCWCD, Utah Department of Natural Resources, and others.

More information

I try to keep these articles relatively concise. Not doing too well at that. It’s frustrating because there’s so much I want to discuss. So, please email me at Mike@MikeScott4Ivins.com for more information about these and other Ivins issues. Also, please tell me what issues in Ivins matter to you. Visit my website at www.MikeScott4Ivins.com for regular updates.

More information

I try to keep these articles relatively concise. Not doing too well at that. It’s frustrating because there’s so much I want to discuss. So, please email me at Mike@MikeScott4Ivins.com for more information about these and other Ivins issues. Also, please tell me what issues in Ivins matter to you. Visit my website at www.MikeScott4Ivins.com for regular updates.

Petite Feast Dinner Club











 To reserve your seat at the table please click on the link below.

For the health and safety of all our guests, we request that all guests be fully vaccinated.

About Petite Feast Dinner Club: after 35 years as a restaurateur, caterer, chef and Food and Wine best new chef nominee, Victoria Topham is opening her kitchen to share her unique culinary skills and healthy cooking style with guests just like you. PF Dinner Club offers guests the opportunity to socialize with new friends around a shared table while enjoying deliciously upscale meals. Monthly dinners will feature an hors d’oeuvre hour followed by a multi-course dinner where mingling with the chef in the kitchen is encouraged. ** Think – mash-up of a restaurant, dinner party and cooking class.  And, she always has a few unplanned courses and surprises for her guests!  Events are announced monthly through the website and pricing for each event varies. Victoria is happy to accommodate your special celebration requests and dietary preferences whenever possible. I hope to see you soon.

“We had a great time as usual. The dinner was wonderful and it was so fun to have
Matt sit at our table!”
– Marge and John Budd

“Thank YOU for the outstanding dinner! It was a lovely evening all around.”
– Myrna and Roger Pettengill


When was the last time you made lasagna? My guess is that for many of you, it’s been a minute. Seriously, who (besides me) wants to engage in an all-day, dirty every pot in the house cooking project, regardless of the delicious results? Ahhh, nobody. But what if you could make this hearty, bubbling, comforting hug of a dish in one skillet in about 45 minutes? I realize it’s not the same labor of love as the traditional lasagna with its long-simmered meat sauce, delicate sheets of pasta, and nutmeg-y béchamel, but I think this month’s recipe is a totally doable stand-in for a weeknight dinner.

The recipe starts by browning the sausage in a deep skillet. Then, add tomatoes, onion, garlic, and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes to build a quick sauce in the same skillet. Once the sauce has thickened slightly, carefully poke the noodles down into the steaming liquid – there’s no need to boil them first which is a big time saver! Cover the pan and cook until the noodles are tender. Remove the lid and spoon dollops of creamy Boursin cheese (cream cheese will work here too) over the noodles. Scatter grated mozzarella on top, cover, and simmer until cheese has melted. Remove the lid and add a scattering of chopped fresh basil for beautification and an herb-y contrast to the rich casserole. Let rest for a few minutes and serve. Easy-peasy.

One taste and I think you’ll agree, this lasagna is truly a labor of love –but it’s just a lot more doable on a weeknight which leaves more time for kanoodling on the couch.

Tim and Judy recommend an Italian wine to serve alongside. They suggest a Barolo or Barbaresco, both from the Nebbiolo grape variety. Tim says the Barbaresco would be a little lighter than the Barolo. But, a Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino would also work well.

If you have not joined the Virtual Dinner Party but would like to dine with us, please prepare this recipe – or any other – and share it with your family, friends and neighbors. It is our group’s firm belief that by preparing something good to eat and sharing it with those we love, we are participating in one of life’s greatest joys. The connection, community and good will that come from it fill us with joy, hope and gratitude. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Thanks for coming to the party and Cook On! – Victoria

½# Italian sausage
2 T olive oil
1 small onion, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 t dried oregano
2 t dried basil
1 t crushed red pepper flakes (or to taste)
2 14.5 oz cans whole peeled tomatoes
1 package no-boil lasagna noodles (*see chefs tip)
¾ C Boursin cheese (you may sub statute room temperature cream cheese)
6 oz mozzarella, shredded
fresh basil leaves
coarse ground black pepper and salt to taste


Heat 2T oil in a 10’ skillet or sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add sausage and cook, stirring with a wooden spoon, until meat is cooked through and browned nicely. Transfer sausage to a plate taking care to reserve as much of the oil as possible in the pan. Add onion, garlic and crushed red pepper and cook the onion has softened and the mixture is fragrant. Add the tomatoes and their liquid along with the dried herbs. Quickly crush tomatoes with your hands or a potato masher to release their juices. Simmer gently for 3-4 minutes. Add cooked sausage back to pan and continue to simmer for a few minutes until sauce has thickened slightly. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Add noodles to the pan in a single layer, breaking them to fit nicely and gently poke them down into the sauce. Take care to leave a cushion of sauce beneath the first layer of noodles to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Continue to add noodles to make a second layer until you have two more or less complete layers of noodles submerged in the sauce.

Cover the skillet with a tight-fitting lid and simmer for 10-12 minutes until noodles are cooked through and tender. Remove the lid and spoon dollops of Boursin over the top. Scatter grated mozzarella over all and cover. Simmer for an additional 3-4 minutes until cheese is melted. Remove from heat and top with fresh basil. Let rest for 10 minutes before serving.

Chef tips
*Canned tomatoes vary greatly – if the sauce seems too dry add a little water. If the sauce seems too thin, allow to simmer uncovered until reduced.
* I like to run the lasagna under the broil for a minute or two to crisp up the edges and brown the top.
* You can use uncooked regular lasagna noodles in this recipe but you must add extra water to the sauce to prevent the lasagna from being dry.

Serves 2-4 with leftovers

Coyote Tales

“After I got my driver’s license, my friends and I would pile into my parent’s 1982 blue Buick Skylark and drive around downtown searching for something to do…”

Ten storytellers took the stage at Ivins City Park last month for last month’s Coyote Tales event at the City’s Heritage Days Festival. The warm and encouraging crowd welcomed the mildly anxious but willing performers to the spotlight to share their true tales of Tradition.  Stories ranged from the importance of a game ball, to a 23-mile-an-hour drag race, to the impact of a flight of butterflies after the tragic events of 9-11. The pre-show pack-your-own picnic soiree provided a celebratory atmosphere for attendees to pony-up and put their name in the hat in the hopes of being chosen to get on stage.

Get the Whole Story

If you were unable to attend but want to hear the stories, please visit the Coyote Tales story archives on our website at  https://coyotetalesstories.com/tradition-audio-clips/   and let us know what you think! While there you can get tips and tricks for telling a great story and find out more about upcoming themes and dates for live events.

We hope you enjoy these stories. At each Coyote Tales event, we laugh, we are inspired, we reflect, and overall we are mesmerized by the authenticity of each story and its presenter. As always, our goal is to foster community spirit through the telling of well-crafted stories. Coyote Tales hopes to build on the shared connection between the teller and the audience. Our stage is a no-pressure arena to celebrate our diversity, our community, and our experiences.

Everyone has a story – Vic

Coyote Tales events are generously sponsored by Petite Feast, Utah Division or Arts and Museums, Utah Humanities, Desert Dweller Realty and Summit Sotheby’s International Realty.  All proceed from previous events have been donated to local nonprofits.

Trips and Trails

Trips and Trails

Monday, November 21st, 2022

Going to the Black Rock Fossils and lunch at Cedar Pockets south of St. George

Meet at the Kayenta Design Center at 10 am.

Bring a Lunch • 2 Miles of Dirt Road • Half Day Trip

For details call Charles Dillier at 435-656-1956

Xetava Gardens Cafe

Hours of Operation

Monday 11:30am – 5pm


Thursday 11:30 – 8pm

Friday and Saturday 11:30 – 8pm

Sun 9am – 8pm (Brunch served 9-12)


Thank you very much for your continued support. Closing at 3: Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day (to prepare for our special pre-sold dinner service) Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve

Health, Fitness & Wellness

Kayenta’s locally run gyms, fitness classes, spas,  group workouts, wellness activities and mindful experiences.

“If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.”

Deepak Chopra

Elevate Fitness

Elevate Studio Fall Class Offerings.


Tuesday & Thursday at 4 pm & Saturday at 10 am.
Come get your zen on!



Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9:30 am.

This class is taught inside and outside. A fun, invigorating challenging class for the intermediate to advanced exerciser.

 FOR INFORMATION: https://www.facebook.com/elevatestudioinkayenta


Elevate Studio • 435-632-1381 • jyfitness@me.com

Participants MUST be vaccinated. Class size is limited and subject to change. Pre-registration is required.
Be happy. Be healthy. Have a blast!  ELEVATE!

Find Your Joy Yoga

Find Your Joy Yoga

Tuesdays at 9:30 am

At John Yohmans’s Elevate Fitness Studio in Kayenta!

Classes are $15

Punch cards are available for $75 (5 classes)

No sign-up required!

New this Fall!

I will be offering Sacred Healing Classes one Saturday morning a month at my most sacred place, my home.
Classes include:
Sacred Tea Ceremony • Meditation • Yoga
Healing Information Class
(this will vary from nervous system regulation, somatic healing practice, chakra healing and balancing, awakening intuition, understanding trauma healing and stress response!)
Class/workshop will be 2 hours.
Lots of great things will be covered. Email me for more information.

Vaccination cards are required to attend in-person classes.

Call/text: 435-862-7743


Village Fitness Center

Community Gym

Come join your neighbors in the FUN!

When: M/W/F at 8 am & Tu/Th/Sat at 9 am.
Cost: $4/Session- 1st session is complimentary

Compact in size this local gym offers several equipment options including a suspension trainer, weighted rack system, free weights, and an elliptical trainer. Participants have the option to rotate through a timed circuit or workout on their own. 

Contact Gloria Prahl for more information.
Facility rental options are available.
The Village Fitness Center – Next to CFAK and Room for Thought in the Art Village

Community Gym

Community Gym

Sacred Space Spa

Body, Skin, and Energy Work

Ask about our add-ons to enhance your treatment! 

Please call or text to schedule or with any questions! Please remember that I am usually booked at least 2 weeks out.

Namaste, Aly Hansen

For a full list of Spa Treatments visit:

Tel: 435-862-7743 • Sacredspacespa@gmail.com

Kayenta Home Yoga

Vinyasa Flow & Yin/Deep Stretch

Weekly Classes for November

Wednesdays 9:30-10:45 am –  Vinyasa Flow
(Alignment-based mindful flow)

Thursdays 9:30-10:45 am – Yin/Deep Stretch
(Floor-based stretching class)

NEW! Coming Up This Winter:

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) Guided Meditation

Stay tuned for details!

All classes are held at my small Kayenta Home Yoga studio.  Bolsters, blocks, and straps are provided.  Please bring your own yoga mat. Each class is $15 cash or Venmo.  Your first class is free! Questions?  Email or call me for more info. See you on your mat!

“It is only when there is no goal and no rush that the human senses are fully open to receive the world.” ~Alan Watts

Karen Kushner (E-RYT 500)

Desert Rose Labyrinth

The labyrinth is sacred ground, a place of rest and renewal.

The Desert Rose Labyrinth & Sculpture Garden is a community resource with the intention that all who walk the labyrinth will be blessed with peace, comfort, and open hearts. The Labyrinth is maintained and funded by Kayenta volunteers. Please be respectful and leave only footprints. For more information or to make group reservations, please contact:

Cheryl Collins: 435-674-1664

Beth Hopwood: 802-922-8905

Javier’s Massage

Javier Guzman LMT/LMMT

(Kayenta Resident)

Massage is medicine for the body and mind

“I think he is a neighborhood treasure. He has a very nice casita where he works. I love his massage and he is a really nice, thoughtful, considerate, good guy.” ~ Christy Lueders

Call or text for an appointment:

Javier Guzman

Kayenta Pickleball Group (KPG) 

Pickleball is one of the fast-growing sports in the US. It helps us stay fit; allows us to meet and make friends in our community and – most importantly – have fun!

Organized drop-in play occurs 4 mornings a week. The start time is currently 10:00, but changes with the seasons.

Mondays-Women’s League,
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
(Mixed drop-in play).

Currently, there are 30 active players in this thriving group of Kayenta residents. Players are welcome to set up their own matches, do drills and use the courts freely outside of those designated times.

Plans for 2022 include spring and fall skill sessions with a guest instructor, a KPG- member tournament in April and possible ‘field trips’ for social play in a new location. If you would like more information, please contact:
Barbara Vaughn: bvaughn@montana.com.

Kayenta Pickleball Group

Community Advocates

Are you a Kayenta resident? Do you have a cause or passion that you are personally involved with in the St. George area?
If so, let your neighbors know right here.

Desert Preservation Initiative

DPI – Desert Preservation Initiative
Advocate: Chuck Warren 

October 2022 Update

Projects in Progress: Planning for safety and sustainability

With the review and approval of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), the Landscaping Committee, and homeowners whose properties contain invasives, the Desert Preservation Initiative (DPI) is poised to begin its first tamarisk removal project in the coming weeks.

“Careful planning and community cooperation are key to our moving forward,” says DPI President Chuck Warren. “To that end we have spent many hours meeting with anyone and everyone who has an interest in or who can provide expert advice on the best ways to reach our goal of preserving the natural habitat in Kayenta.”

Central to finding the way forward has been creating detailed plans for the safety of volunteers and insuring minimal impact on the environment and homeowner properties. Cuttings and trunks and branches will either be chipped on site or hauled away for chipping. A detailed ingress and egress plan will specify how and where volunteers will enter the property to protect existing plants. 

Each site plan is created in consultation with and signed by the homeowner, spelling out procedures, the use of tools and herbicide, and future plans for plant restoration and site monitoring. A written site description details slopes and grades, soil type and moisture levels, possible erosion concerns, and the size and number of tamarisk and other invasives present as well as native plants on the site. DPI also commits to working with homeowners and the ACC on replanting plans.

Dave Tall is one Kayenta resident who has long been aware of the issues created by invasive species. “Over the years, articles about salt cedar/tamarisk as an invasive plant in Southwest have caught my attention. I raise the subject about the salt cedars often while talking with friends and neighbors.

“The piece in the Shonto Point Winter newsletter, ‘Tamarisk the Terrorist’ was very informative,” he says. “After reading the article and noticing several tamarisk on my property, I started pruning branches. The pruning is messy, laborious and disposal of the cuttings difficult,” Tall says. And so, he was happy to be approached by DPI, whose members will be “spearheading the removal of tamarisk from my property. I have learned so much from the DPI team; I am looking forward to volunteering to help with other neighborhood salt cedar projects.”

Kay Hodson is another Kayenta resident who is grateful for the assistance of DPI. “Shortly after moving to Kayenta from the east coast, I discovered that the trees that I thought were so beautiful were the dreaded invasive tamarisk trees,” she says.   “After assessing the situation and doing some online research, I found out that there was no way that I could remove them from the wash by myself.”

“Working with DPI has been heaven sent,” Hodson continues.  “They’ve formed a team of very knowledgeable people from various backgrounds and they’re enthusiastic. I can’t imagine what it took for them to create DPI, but I am extremely grateful and I’m looking forward to working with them to remove the tamarisk from the wash.

“I suggest that anyone that wants to see how destructive tamarisk are to take a short walk into the washes off Kwavasa and see for themselves.”

“Our goal is to create a measured, incremental process where everyone feels involved in the discussions and comfortable with the plans going forward,” says botanist Terrence Walters, DPI secretary. “Our goal is sustainability on every level, from the impact of our work to building collegial relationships with the community.”

Community volunteers join in to clear tumbleweed from land offered by Terry Marten to be used for storing and then chipping tamarisk cut in upcoming removal projects.

Inkas no kill Animal Supporters

INKAS – Ivins No Kill Animal Supporters
Advocate: Lois Hewitt 

Don’t take the chance of losing your “Best Friend”

Take advantage of our Dogs Only Low-Cost Chipping Clinic
at the Ivins Animal Shelter and Adoption Center
474 North 200 West, Ivins on
Saturday, November 5 from 10 am – 2 pm.
No Appointment Needed
$25 includes the chip and lifetime registration.
Sponsored by Inkas.


Santa Clara-Ivins Animal Shelter

Bailee Mabe, Shelter Manager

474 North 200 West, Ivins


Hours by appointment:
Monday – Saturday, 8am – 3 pm

Dogs and Cats

Ivins Night Sky Initiative
Advocate: Kai Reed

Ivins Night SkyPlease visit the Initiative’s website for more information at IvinsNightSky.org or email them at info@IvinsNightSky.org.

The mission of the Ivins Night Sky Initiative is to improve, preserve, and protect the night sky over Ivins and our heritage of dark skies through education and information about environmentally responsible outdoor lighting, and to serve as a resource for City officials, residents, and businesses.

Let us know if this Initiative is important to you, if you are willing to get involved, and what else you think we should be doing to improve, preserve, and protect the night skies in Ivins.

Friends of Snow Canyon State Park
Advocates: Lori Capshaw


Live events have returned.  New events will be listed regularly so check our website often.

We’d like to invite all Kayenta residents to join us in supporting Snow Canyon State Park. Our mission is to provide support to Snow Canyon State Park through various means. For more information and to join Friends please visit our web site.

E-mail us at friendsofsnowcanyon@gmail.com. “Like” us on www.facebook.com/ FriendsofSnowCanyon.

Nextdoor Kayenta

Nextdoor Kayenta
Advocate: Ray Borg

Nextdoor is a completely private online website environment for all of the Kayenta Nextdoor neighborhoods. Special thanks to Ray Borg for being our fearless leader.

Community and City Resources

Resident support services, businesses, and education and enrichment programs

Infinity Rehab at Home

Infinity Rehab at Home


Marijke Onsrud, Physical Therapist

What is Infinity Rehab at Home?

Take advantage of Infinity Rehab at Home and receive outpatient physical therapy services right where you live. Physical therapy sessions are one-on-one and personalized just for you. Take the hassle out of driving to an appointment or scheduling transportation by having therapy right in the comfort of your own home. Physical therapy can help you improve your strength and balance so you can do the activities you love, like hiking, biking, tennis, walking, and pickleball, to name a few. Additionally, it can help with chronic issues, like arthritis and pain. 

How does it work?

Infinity Rehab at Home therapists come to you and work directly with your physician and care team to ensure a collaborative approach. We work with Medicare and most HMO plans, and we always verify insurance prior to treatment. 

About Marijke

Marijke Onsrud is a physical therapist with Infinity Rehab at Home. She has over 35 years of experience with physical therapy. Marijke lives with her husband in the Kayenta community and has provided several of her neighbors with physical therapy services. She is based with Infinity Rehab at Home at Ovation Sienna Hills and their independent living community. You can reach her at MOnsrud@infinityrehab.com or 435-538-3401, extension 1075 to find out more and schedule an appointment.

Located in the desert community of Kayenta Utah, the Crescent Moon Inn is the perfect place to get away from it all.  The Inn is just a short walk or bike ride from the Kayenta Art Village, where locally-owned art galleries, the Sacred Space Day Spa and the Xetava Garden Cafe add to your unique experience.

For Reservations or Pricing call:

Staying Put in Kayenta is a member-driven organization for Kayenta residents, proactively providing programs and services so members can lead vibrant, active and healthy lives while living in their own homes.

For information contact
Ellen Nathan
Secretary for Staying Put in Kayenta


Looking for a Hair Artist right here in Kayenta?….JENN Hair Artist embodies the artistic creativity and passion of the beauty industry. She thrives in creating natural, sexy cuts and color styles for men and women. She looks forward to pampering you.

924A Art Village Way, Ivins, UT 83455
801 637-0884 (call or text)

Happy2Help is an in home personal concierge service.

Services Include:

• Personal Shopping
• Health Recovery Assistance
• Meal Prep
• Snowbird Service
• Home Organization
• Event Assistance

Call or email Andrea, your trustworthy neighbor at
401-258-9772 or Happy2help.Andrea@gmail.com

Kayenta Committees

Board opportunities, landscaping, and ACC & HOA contact information.

Kayenta Deseret ArboretumKayenta Desert Arboretum

Interested in volunteering in the arboretum?  Or just looking for information about the arboretum or our lecture series.  Please contact Roger Head, rbhkayenta@gmail.com or 435-632-1814.

kayenta landscape committeeKayenta Landscaping Committee

Please visit the Kayenta HOA website ACC tab for Landscaping documentation. Select Landscaping Regulations Rev 2017 and Landscaping Review Steps 2017.

Kayenta HOAACC & HOA Information

The Kayenta ACC meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month, 2:00 pm in the Kayenta Community Room. A hard copy of the agenda is posted in the Kayenta Homes & Properties office the Thursday before the meeting.

Questions? Ellen Nathan

Phone: 435-652-8333, email: arneen@infowest.com

The Kayenta Concept

The Kayenta Concept is a philosophy that has steered the development of our exceptional community since its inception. The standards that underlie that concept are enforced by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), which serves both the Shonto Point and Taviawk HOAs. The pre-amble to the 2021 ACC Handbook lays out the basics of the architectural rules that have been followed to create the homes and land-scape we live in.

When your home was designed the Kayenta Concept was front and center. The ACC reviewed your design to evaluate whether it followed the rules, and the ACC monitored construction of your home through landscaping and occupation, again, reviewing adherence to design and construction standards. When you received your occupancy permit and construction deposit refund from the ACC, on-going compliance with the Kayenta Con-cept became the responsibility of your HOA Board of Directors. Your Board has the authority to perpetuate the Kayenta Concept into the future and gladly accepts that role.

The Kayenta Concept is worth reviewing to remind us that what we have here has only happened because of the rules Kayenta developer Terry Marten set up to own, build and live in Kayenta. His vision and the governing documents he developed to achieve and maintain that vision established the Kayenta HOAs and gave them the responsibility and authority to enforce the CC&Rs that underlie the beauty and value we all enjoy

Blue Can Recycling

Blue Can Recycling

November 7 & 21

Dumpster Dates

Dumpster date for November has been cancelled. The next one is scheduled for December 10.

Ivins City

Ivins City Offices are open.

For Appointments with a specific department call:
Administration: 435-628-0606   
: 435-634-9753
Parks or Cemetery: 435-634-7719
Public Works: 435-634-0689
Dispatch: 435-634-5730 or Animal Control: 435-628-1049

Ongoing Events and Activities

Weekly and monthly gatherings

Kayenta Book Lovers

Meetings the 2nd Monday of every month. For more details contact our bookclub

Kayenta Weavers

The Kayenta Weavers groups meets weekly to enjoy the limitless creativity of off-loom weaving.

For information contact Katie at: kayentakatie@gmail.com.

Spirit of the Desert Episcopal Church

Spirit of the Desert Episcopal church meets every Sunday at 3 pm at Ivins Unity Park Recreation Room at 350 S 300 W for worship, music, and fellowship. Parking lots are located near the tennis courts and the skate park. We welcome everyone to join us whether you are a visitor, a newcomer, an inquirer, or a member of another church or faith tradition. We are a Christian community that cares for one another, and we’d like to care for you, too.

For additional information or questions, email Father Lee Montgomery at fatherly.montgomery@gmail.com.

*Tahri Marpo Ling Tibetan Buddhist Sangha

Weekly Meditation Practices:  OPEN TO ALL

Friday, 10-11 am, Green Tara Practice

Green Tara is known as the Mother of All Buddhas.  We engage in this practice to awaken our capacity for enlightened activity, present in the form of the feminine dimension of the primordial nature of mind.  Green Tara is known for her ability to dispel fear, anxiety and suffering.

Tuesday, 10-11 am, Awakened Mornings

This practice begins with three guided meditations to focus the mind, open the heart, and generate compassion for all sentient beings.  Then, a short form of the Chenrezig practice is led, in English.  Chenrezig is known as the Buddha of Compassion.

Contact Lhamo Khandro by calling or texting 801-671-8758 or emailing choshin4@gmail.com

for Zoom instructions for entering this virtual Buddhist sangha.

For more information on classes, weekly meditation practices and retreats, please go to our website:  tahrimarpoling.org

Tahri Marpo Ling was founded by Lhamo Thupten Dawa Khandro on May 21st of 2017 with the blessing and guidance of Lama Thupten Rinpoche.  Lhamo Khandro has been ordained in both the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. 



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