November 2021

Center for the Arts at Kayenta


November & December

Ominous & Ecstatic: Brahms & Dvorak

Ominous & Ecstatic:

November 5

Brahms & Dvorak

This year the CMSSU Piano Quartet will present compositions by Johannes Brahms (Opus 60 Piano Quartet) and Antonin Dvorak (Opus 87 Piano Quartet).

The two popular works include a wide range of emotions, from broodingly ominous to wildly ecstatic. Our performers, Christian Bohnenstengel, Urs Rutishauser, Linda Ghidossi-Deluca, and Ka-Wai Yu, are well-known to our Kayenta audience. Come join us and again experience why great 19th-century music is as relevant to the modern human experience as when it was first performed.

Teddy and Eleanor


November 12 - 21

Life is a Cabaret Old Chum. Come to the Cabaret.

“Willkommen! And bienvenue!” to Kander and Ebb’s Tony-winning Cabaret, where the world burns brightly with desire and debauchery. From the opening notes of “Willkommen” through the title song and such classics as “Don’t Tell Mama” and “Money,” Cabaret delivers a raw theatrical experience on a knife’s edge between unbridled sexuality and looming disaster. Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Associate Artistic Director Alan Paul (Camelot, Kiss Me Kate) makes his OTC debut.

The Lorraine Boccardo Theater at Center For the Arts at Kayenta (CFAK) will be transformed into an authentic nightclub for Cabaret performances.

Special Kit Kat Klub bistro seating will be available for purchase in tables of 3 or 4 people. Enjoy the Cabaret in style and comfort with a private table for your group, that includes show ticket, table hor d’oeuvres, and one drink per person. Additional drinks, desserts, and snacks will be available for purchase at our lobby “bar” for everyone.


A Kurt Bestor Christmas

December 2 - 4

Return to the Magic!

Kurt Bestor, Emmy award-winning and Grammy-nominated composer and performer, will kick off the Christmas season at CFAK on December 2-4, 2021 with his “Return to the Magic” Christmas show. “After not being able to perform live last year due to the pandemic, I am so excited to feel the excitement of live, in-person concerts this holiday season. I had no idea just how much I would miss the interaction between my fellow musicians, the audience, and me. Feeling the “magic” that only happens in a live musical performance is sure to make this year’s Christmas concert one that we’ll always remember,” said Bestor.

Voyager Lecture Series

December 7

Operation Barbarossa: The German Invasion Of The USSR. – Presented By Ron Smith

June 22, 1941: The Germans amass over 3 million troops along the western border of the Soviet Union. They begin the largest land invasion in the history of warfare. Since the German Wehrmacht conquered France in just 6 weeks, the world expected another quick German victory, The Germans enjoyed immediate success. In less than 6 weeks they took over 1 million Soviet prisoners. Their army had already marched halfway to Moscow. Success seemed assured.

On December 7, 1941, the day we declared war on the Empire of Japan, the German drive to Moscow stalled, The bitter winter ended any hope of a dramatic victory. Germany became bogged down in a war of attrition they were destined to lose. Russia pulled off a miracle. They stopped the vaunted German Blitzkrieg

6:30 Social Hour – Light Snacks and Beverages

Its a Wonnderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life

December 16 & 17

A Live Radio Play by Jow Landry

Be a part of the audience of this recreation of a 1947 live radio broadcast. Join Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed and a host of delightful characters as they tell this timeless and beloved story..

3 Redneck Tenors

The Redneck Tenors

December 20 - 24


3 Redneck Tenors are real-life Broadway and Opera stars that are ready to jingle bell rock CFAK audiences on December 20-22, 2021. The 3 Redneck Tenors were top finalists on America’s Got Talent” and have been thrilling audiences since 2006. Their unique Christmas show features classic, pop, and a deep-fried feast of musical delights. There’s nothing old-fashioned about this music, arranged by award-winning composer Craig Bohmler. The show is infused with vitality, energy, passion, and laughter. These “trailer park singing angels” have packed their festive mullets and will be dashing through Kayenta just in time for some down-home redneck Christmas Cheer.

Center for the Arts at Kayenta

Thank you to for his talent and photography used to promote many Center for the Arts at Kayenta and Kayenta Arts Foundation shows and events.
All programing is subject to change.

Charlie Moore

Kayenta Art Village

Shop Local • Support the Arts

The Kayenta Art Village is a great place to start your holiday shopping.

Each Gallery in the Art Village has a dedicated page which showcases thier featured artists.


The Kayenta Art Village is open 7 days a week.


Charly Moore Photography, Mystic Canyon Light Gallery 

Kayenta Arts Foundation

From the EarthOctober 29 – December 29, 2021

Artists’ Reception

Wednesday, November 3rd

6:30 – 8:00 PM • Center for the Arts at Kayenta

Center for the Arts at Kayenta safety protocols will be followed which includes showing proof of COVID-19 vaccine or negative COVID test within 72 hours of attending.

This show will end Wednesday, December 29th.


Art will be on display to the public during regular staff business hours (Monday – Friday 12:00 – 4:00 PM), and during scheduled performances.

Ceramics Judge • Trish Ayers, Cactus Tracks Studios

Trish Ayers

Hi. I’m Trish and sculpting clay is what I love. I am a mixed-media artist who transforms raw clay into original hand-built clay art with additions of driftwood, semi-precious stones, copper, leather, horsehair, feathers, beads, and found objects such as rusted metal. I have had many careers including teaching, small business owner, accountant, and graphic artist. But my hobbies always included dabbling in various art mediums like oil and watercolor, batik, pottery, sculpting, and photography. After moving to Utah in 2001, I returned to my love of clay at the Zia Pottery Studio and in my home studio where I offer small clay classes and spreading the joy of working with clay. I exhibit and sell my art at juried art shows throughout the southwest.

Fiber Judge • Gwen Harrington

Gwen Harrington

Gwen Harrington, textile artist, Kayenta resident. At an early age, I was taught to crochet by my Grandmother. I am also a self-taught knitter. Additionally, I took weaving lessons from a well-known St. George weaver and proudly display several of my wall hangings in my home. My crocheted and knitted pieces are sold in a local Kayenta gallery. 

kayenta Art Foundation Art Show

Make Space

Coming to Kayenta

January 2022

Kayenta HOmes & Properties

Our office is open 7-days a week to help with all your Kayenta real estate needs.

Your Kayenta Home and Properties Sales Team:

Jeff Sproul, Principal Broker
Steve McAllister & Naomi Doyle, Sales Agents


October 2021 Recap of Ivins City Council Activities

Hello –
It’s been another busy month for Ivins City Council, here’s the update for October:

Election – It’s time to VOTE!

Hopefully, you’ve received your ballot, be sure to mail it by Nov 1st or put it in a drop box by Election Day which is Nov 2nd, I believe the closest drop box is at the Washington County Library, Santa Clara Branch. You MUST sign the back of your ballot for it to be counted.

Black Desert Items –

Height Variance Special Exemption Request –

You might be wondering why the height variance request was on the agenda again after being denied in September. The reason is that Black Desert agreed to remove the elevator shaft from the rooftop and to create a deed restriction stating that there was “no public access to the rooftop”. My reason for voting against the initial request was because of the public access to the rooftop of the hotel which would generate noise and light pollution and as such didn’t comply with Ivins’ Height Variance criteria:
(d)   The special exception will not have a materially adverse effect upon the character of the area or the public health, safety and welfare.
(e)   The special exception will not result in the destruction, loss or damage of natural, scenic or historic features of significance.
(f)   The special exception will not cause air, water, soil or noise pollution or other types of pollution.

The maximum height is now 45 ft which is 10 feet higher than the standard 35 ft height limit for commercial buildings. However, given that the building is set back 1000 ft from Snow Canyon Parkway, the 10 ft difference is barely noticeable. In my opinion, Black Desert now meets the criteria listed above and as such, I voted to approve the height request.

Development Agreement –
I asked numerous questions about the proposed Development Agreement which resulted in changes to the Agreement that I think are favorable to Ivins. My concerns centered on:

Water –
The Development Agreement includes Ivins standard water shortage statement:
“WHEREAS, the Developer understands that the entire State of Utah, and Washington County in particular, has been and still is suffering from an extreme drought resulting in the potential shortage of culinary and secondary water in the City and further understands that building permits will be issued only upon the availability of water;”
I asked for water features to be prohibited and that request was incorporated into the final version. I also requested Ivins be able to limit public pools but I wasn’t able to achieve that however, I did get this statement included:
“Developer agrees that it will work closely with the Washington County Water Conservancy District, third-party consultants and the City with respect to water planning and waters use formulas throughout the Project in an effort to meet or exceed the standards set by the District for conservancy. The implementation of a pool for the sole benefit of a single residential unit within the Project shall be subject to and planned as a part of the water conservancy planning contemplated by this section..”

Conservation Easement –
I wanted to ensure that no structures could be built on the land under conservation easement. This clause was added to the Development Agreement:
“The limited development activities shall include the ability to construct structures and facilities attendant to the conservation uses such has trails, trailhead parking, and trailhead restrooms for hiking and biking.”

Golf Driving Range – tall nets that could impede views were a concern of residents so Black Desert wrote into the agreement that it will be a “netless driving range”

Building Height and Setback – The height limit is discussed above and is included in the Development Agreement. In addition Black Desert agreed to a 60 ft building setback along Snow Canyon Parkway and any buildings within 185 ft of Snow Canyon Parkway will be limited to 16 ft in height (which means single story buildings!). This is very important because it lessens the impact to the view from Snow Canyon Parkway and also for residents of The Reserve.

Fire Stations Update –

I want to restate what I mentioned in September, it’s important for all Ivins residents to be aware that we no longer have a manned fire station on Center Street. The decision was made within the Fire Department to relocate the manned station to Rachel Dr in Santa Clara. In addition, the station that was in the Art Village was closed a few months ago. That wasn’t a manned station but there was equipment located there in the event of a fire in Kayenta.

Discussions are continuing between Ivins and Santa Clara (for those who aren’t aware, we have joint police and fire departments) and the potential exists for a manned fire station on Kwavasa.

Water –

As a follow-up to our discussion on water conservation, we are awaiting the final proposed ordinances from the WCWD for consideration. It’s my hope that we will receive these in November so they can be approved and take effect immediately.

Dry Wash update – Chuck Gillette, Dir of Ivins Public Works, stated that discussions are ongoing between Terry Marten/Lance Anderson and the WCWD regarding the location of a reservoir to hold irrigation water for Ivins. There is currently a 6-month building moratorium on Dry Wash to allow discussion and consideration of alternative reservoir locations. It’s probable that the moratorium will be extended for another 6 months. The pickleball trails go through Dry Wash so they would be impacted if a reservoir is constructed.

Accessory Dwelling Units Ordinance – 

The State requires each city to implement an ordinance permitting rental of Accessory Dwelling Units (such as casitas). However, in areas where they are prohibited by HOA’s the ordinance does not apply (such as Shonto and Taviak in Kayenta). The ADU ordinance requires a minimum 30 day rental period, I’m hopeful this helps our challenges with affordable housing in Ivins.

Zoning Change Request – 7 acres corner of 200 W and Hwy 91

The Planning Commission recommended Council consider changing the zoning from LDR (low-density residential) and RA-1 (residential agricultural, min lot size 1 acre) to HDR (high-density residential) and R-1-5 (single-family residential, min lot size 5000 sq ft). The landowner had requested a Multi-Family zoning so that they could build townhomes. This issue received many comments at both the PC Public Hearing and at the Council Public Hearing. After listening to public comments, three council members (me, Derek, and Dennis) stated support for MDR, medium-density residential, zoning. In fact, Derek and I voted for medium density and R-1-7.5. Dennis supported waiting until the next meeting to allow the developer to reconsider their proposal given that Council has expressed support for MDR. The motion to delay the decision until next meeting passed.

I want to get into the details of zoning change requests because they can be confusing. The parcel at 200W and Hwy 91 has what I refer to as a “placeholder” zoning. Meaning that when the City was initially zoned, the consultant suggested giving some parcels RA-1 and RA-5 zoning which would require the landowner to come before the City to request a zone change. The idea was that it was impossible to forecast exactly how the city would build out so by using 1 acre and 5-acre parcel zoning, future Planning Commissions and City Council’s would be better equipped to determine appropriate zoning. Apparently, the placeholder zones worked well until the building boom really took off. In my opinion, the placeholder zones create confusion because when you look at the land use/zoning map, you are misled by the placeholder zones. Granted, I think it would be wonderful to have 1 acre lots with only 7 homes on the parcel but that isn’t realistic given how Ivins has grown. So, I’ve requested Dale mark all the placeholder zones with an asterisk and have a legend that explains this zoning is a placeholder and is designed to be changed. The landowner can request any zoning. The ball in then in PC and CC’s court to come up with a decision that is consistent with the Land Use and General Plan.

Thanks much –

Kayenta Community

Our businesses and resident sponsored events and news


Little Free LIbraryKayenta Art Village’s Outdoor Theater, Next to the Pink Door

9 am – 4 pm the first Friday of each month
(2021 Dates: November 5th, December 3rd)

Bring a book, take a book or simply bring a book to share.

Pink Door

Kayenta Weavers

Holiday Sale

November 13th, 10 am  – 4 pm

964 Chavano Dr., Ivins


Several members of the Kayenta Weavers have donated their time and materials to make approximately 200 ornaments.  They are beautiful gifts, and come packaged in a gift box. All proceeds are being donated to the Shivwits Toy Drive.  They are very appreciative of this project.  This handwoven ornament is called Spirit Woman, honoring the feminine divine across all traditions. There are currently about 75 ornaments left. If you would like to support this project by purchasing some Spirit Women, please contact Kay Barickman at 801-671-8758 or join us at our Holiday Sale.

Spirit Woman

Petite Feast

Reserve Your Seat at the Table

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021








To reserve your seat at the table please click on the link below.

Beautiful suroundings, great company and a delicious meal as always. Thank you for the birthday wishes and the special dessert. Your dinners are a highlight in my life
– Laela Gaylord

About Petite Feast Dinner Club: After 35 years as a restaurateur, caterer, chef, and Food and Wine best new chef nominee, Victoria Topham is opening her kitchen to share her unique culinary skills and healthy cooking style with guests just like you. PF Dinner Club offers guests the opportunity to socialize with new friends around a shared table while enjoying deliciously upscale meals. Monthly dinners will feature an hors d’oeuvre hour followed by a multi-course dinner where mingling with the chef in the kitchen is encouraged. ** Think – mash-up of a restaurant, dinner party, and cooking class.  And, she always has a few unplanned courses and surprises for her guests!  Events are announced monthly through the website, and pricing for each event varies. Victoria is happy to accommodate your special celebration requests and dietary preferences whenever possible. I hope to see you soon – Victoria

Celebrate the season of gratitude with roast pork – because we have all probably had too much turkey – and of course, delicious seasonal sides like pureed squash, balsamic glazed carrots and a crisp potato gratin. The meal starts with spicy, sweet yet savory popcorn that’s positively addictive and an apple cider based whiskey cocktail. Your senses will sing as each course introduces a unique take on traditional holiday favorites. To finish off this celebratory feast, indulge in a decadent cranberry bread pudding served with bittersweet chocolate sorbet.  Won’t you join us for this meal that showcases the bounty of the season and celebrates gratitude, friendship and family?

Petite Feast Dinner Club


When Matt and I moved to Kayenta in the fall of 2016, we were charmed by the pumpkins and gourds that began appearing throughout the month of October on the corner street signs that mark Kayenta’s roadways. One morning a sweet sugar pumpkin took up residence on the sign marking the corner of Paiute and Shinob Kai.  A few days later a duo of crookneck swan gourds made the corner of Chusi Way and Shinava a festive home. Later, an eye-catching pumpkin cairn made for a stunning landmark on the corner of Kayenta Parkway and Shawnee Court.  Soon pumpkins, gourds and squash were gracing almost every street sign in Kayenta!

I have no idea which Kayenta residents participate in this annual autumn ritual, but that only makes me love the tradition more. As I walk my dog through the neighborhood I try to figure out which of my neighbors is the closet crafter. I imagine said neighbor going to the market to choose the perfect squash each year much in the same way a family chooses a Christmas tree from the lot. It makes me smile to think of them standing in Harmon’s weighing the beauty and uniqueness of each one before making their selection. Round or irregular, warty or smooth, traditional orange or unique white or grey are important characteristics that must be taken into account. Then, somehow under the veil of darkness, the purchase must be installed in its new home. It is a whodunit that I delight in puzzling over.

My very favorite is the sign located on the cross of Pauite and Taviawk.  It is always festooned with a large perfectly round pumpkin that cheerily welcomes me as I head home – and happily, it remains in its station through the New Year with the addition of a festive Santa hat!

But please don’t think that winter squash is only for holiday decorating. This recipe demonstrates that with a little work, pumpkin can become the perfect condiment to spice up your Thanksgiving table.  Recipe #63’s zesty concoction delivers on the sweet/tart zing that cranberry sauce usually brings to the party, but it also adds an element of cozy spiciness that really helps cut through the subtle flavors of the traditional Thanksgiving offerings. Any extra is excellent slathered on the day after’s turkey sandwiches.

VDP sommeliers Tim and Judy say that they rather like the idea of the pumpkin chutney as a substitute for cranberry sauce. Judy says, “to try a Viognier or buttery Chardonnay. But don’t forget the turkey. If you want a red for that, Pinot Noir is always a go-to for Thanksgiving and zinfandel never disappoints.

If you have not joined the Virtual Dinner Party but would like to dine with us, please prepare this recipe – or any other – and share it with your family, friends and neighbors. It is our group’s firm belief that by preparing something good to eat and sharing it with those we love, we are participating in one of life’s greatest joys. The connection, community and good will that comes from it fills us with joy and gratitude.   I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Thanks for coming to the party, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and cook on! Victoria

Petite Feast




2 ½ t extra virgin olive oil

½ large onion, chopped

½ minced garlic clove

1 # pumpkin, butternut squash, or other hard winter squash of your choice

Juice of 1 lemon

¼ c apple cider or apple juice

2 t jalapeno, minced (or to taste)

½ “ fresh ginger, minced

1 c  raisins (regular or golden)

½ c brown sugar

½ c apricot jam

¼ c white wine vinegar

1/2 t dry mustard

1 t cinnamon

½ t  freshly grated nutmeg

¼ t allspice


Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat,  add the onion and cook until softened. Add garlic and cook until aromatic but not browned. Add all remaining ingredients and mix well to combine. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and cover.  Cook, stirring frequently until thick and jammy.  Take care to not let the mixture scorch. Leftovers will keep in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

Coyote Tales

Live, Open-mic Style Storytelling Events


The tradition of oral storytelling has existed long before written works. Something deep and significant is conveyed through the relating of a well-crafted, well-told first-person story. Many times these stories have served as a way to preserve history and explore and impact our emotions as individuals and communities. Storytelling is a powerful means of entertainment, education and cultural preservation. Coyote Tales hopes to perpetuate the art of storytelling while entertaining the listener with a unique and intimate experience.

Coyote Tales are live, open-mic style storytelling events with amateur and experienced storytellers. Each event has a theme, on which stories are to be based. Potential storytellers may address that theme in any way they choose. Prior to the event, storytellers craft their true, on-theme story, practice the telling, work on eliminating excess detail to nail the perfect ending. Potential storytellers put their names in the hat in hopes of being chosen to share their story. If chosen, the storyteller takes the stage to delight the audience. As always, the goal of each of these events is to foster community spirit through the telling of well-crafted stories. Coyote Tales hopes to build on the shared connection between the teller and the audience. Our stage is a no-pressure arena to celebrate our diversity, our community and our experiences.


We’re planning our next event now, so follow us on Facebook so you won’t miss any of the details. And remember, if you are interested in getting on stage to share your story, please contact Victoria through the Coyote Tales website.

If you were unable to attend our last event but want to hear the stories, please visit the Coyote Tales story archives on our website at

Let us know what you think! Everyone has a story 

Grafton, UT

Trips and Trails

Monday, November 15th, 2021

Going to the Ghost Town of Grafton

Meet at the Main Kayenta Office, 800 Kayenta Parkway, at 10 am.

We will be having lunch in Springdale • 5 Miles of Dirt Road  • Half-day trip

For details contact Charles Dillier at 435-656-1956

Xetava Gardens Cafe

Fall Hours of Operation

Monday 11:30am – 5pm


Thur/Fri/Sat 11:30 – 5pm

Sun 9am – 4pm (Brunch served 9-12)

Closed: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Closing Early:  3 pm Christmas Eve.


Thank you very much for your continued support.

Blue Raven Bike RentalSpend an entire day in our beautiful environment.

With Blue Raven, there is no need to load the bikes onto your vehicle and drive to the trails. From our front doors, you can access any kind of riding you want, from paved trails through Snow Canyon to mountain bike adventures that can last from sunrise to sunset, and everything in between. With e-bikes, you can make the ride as easy or as challenging as you like.

We also have some pretty ingenious bikes to bring your kids along.

Check our website for pricing and hours.

(435) 225-0295 •

Health, Fitness & Wellness

Kayenta’s locally run gyms, fitness classes, spas,  group workouts, wellness activities and mindful experiences.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough”

~ Oprah Winfrey

Kayenta Pickleball Group (KPG) 

“Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the US and it’s especially popular in areas that attract active retirees.  Like you!!  It’s easy to learn, fast and fun and is a great fitness activity.  The Kayenta Pickleball Group (KPG) – 2021 is off to a roaring start with two dozen active members.   Drop-in play occurs on Mondays (women only); Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.  The start time is 9:00 and adjusts with the seasons.   There was a “trial run” tournament played in March and we anticipate more organized events planned for later in 2021.  If you’d like more information please contact Mike Hopwood @ or Trish Olson @  Join us – It’s a great game!

Sacred Space Spa

Body, Skin, and Energy Work

I’m Back

Now taking appointments at my home office in Ivins- Just 5 minutes from the Kayenta Art Village.

Check out these exciting new add-ons to enhance your treatment!


$15~ Peppermint Foot Reflexology- 

Warm towels, peppermint foot massage- reflexology using Good Medicine Beauty Labs oils & balms


$15~Wild Child hair and scalp treatment-

Massaging beautiful oils deep into the scalp, for dreamy revitalized hair and scalp using Wild Child from Good Medicine


$15~CBD infused spot treatment-

Highly effective fragrance-free cream expertly massaged into the chronic areas where you hold tension and soreness to target area directly. Neck/shoulders or low back, or both. R+R Medicinals CBD 


$20~Age Defying facial mask-

End your treatment with an age corrective mask that will soften fine lines and leave your skin hydrated, refreshed, and glowing! Eminence Organic Skincare or Image Skincare.


Please call or text to schedule or with any questions! Please remember that I am usually booked at least 2 weeks out.

Namaste, Aly Hansen

Tel: 435-862-7743 •

Elevate Fitness

ElevateFIT is Back!

Elevate Studio has resumed its popular ElevateFIT Class and Saturday Morning Yoga. ElevateFIT is offered M, W, & F at 9:30 am. This class is taught inside and outside. ElevateYOGA is offered Saturday mornings at 10am. Stay tuned for information on additional Fall 2021 Yoga Classes. Participants MUST be vaccinated. Pre-registration is required as these classes remain popular. For class descriptions please visit our website.

Elevate is a boutique fitness studio located in Kayenta offering group fitness classes, and private, semi-private, and group training workouts. Be happy. Be healthy. Have a blast!  ELEVATE!

Inquiries can be directed to John Yohman, Owner
Elevate Studio • 435-632-1381

Village Fitness Center

We are open

The Village Fitness Center is open but with limited class sizes. Following social distancing protocols for the safety of everyone, we are only allowing 4 participants for each class.

The Village Fitness Center located near the theater and next to the room for thought has circuit training classes M/W/F at 8 am and Tu/Th/Sat at 9 am. ($4 per session). Other options to use the facility are also available. Come join your neighbors to strengthen your muscles, improve your heart rate and have some fun.

Please contact Gloria Prahl for more information and to check on class availability.

435-674-2824    435-669-0430

Find Your Joy Yoga

Find Your Joy Yoga classes to resume mid-October!

Text or call to book your appointments out of my home office beginning in October as well.


Community Advocates

Are you a Kayenta resident? Do you have a cause or passion that you are personally involved with in the St. George area?
If so, let your neighbors know right here.

Inkas no kill Animal Supporters

INKAS – Ivins No Kill Animal Supporters
Advocate: Lois Hewitt 


Friday, November 5 & Saturday, November 6

8:00am – 2:00pm each day

No Early Birds Please

1125 W 1130 N, St. George, UT @ P.A.W.S Adoption Center

Social Distancing and Masks are Required

Inkas Yard Sale

The Ivins Animal Shelter

Bailee Sleppy, Manager
HOURS: Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 3PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Lois Hewitt: President. 435-414-4802
Sara Dupre: Secretary. 206-724-5902
Please visit our website to read INKAS accomplishments!
Remember the pets waiting for adoptions or fostering at the Ivins City Animal Shelter.
INKAS is a 501(c) 3 organization and is a Registered Utah Charity.  You can also check us out on Facebook.

Dogs and Cats

Friends of Snow Canyon State Park
Advocates: Isabelle Kalantzes


The Friends of Snow Canyon continue to have online events only in 2021 due to the COVID situation. It is hoped that we will be able to resume “in-person” events in the fall. Please check back frequently. We will update the Events page to reflect any return to “live” events. Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy our Zoom presentations. They are posted on the site after the date of the live ZOOM presentation for your continued enjoyment.

We’d like to invite all Kayenta residents to join us in supporting Snow Canyon State Park. Our mission is to provide support to Snow Canyon State Park through various means. For more information and to join Friends please visit our web site.

E-mail us at “Like” us on FriendsofSnowCanyon.

Nextdoor Kayenta

Nextdoor Kayenta
Nathan Dupre & Kathi Fox

Nextdoor is a completely private on-line web-site environment and we now have ONE Kayenta Nextdoor neighborhood with two leaders Nathan Dupre and Kathi Fox.

Three Corners Women’s Giving Circle
Advocates: Emily Evans

Three Corners Woman's Giving CircleWe invite women and men residents of Kayenta to join us in our mission to fund local nonprofits that support women and girls of all ages in the southern Utah area. Through the strength of collective giving we make high impact grants to improve lives in our community. Please Join Us.



Ivins Night Sky Initiative
Advocate: Nathan Dupre

Ivins Night SkyPlease visit the Initiative’s website for more information at or email them at

The mission of the Ivins Night Sky Initiative is to improve, preserve, and protect the night sky over Ivins and our heritage of dark skies through education and information about environmentally responsible outdoor lighting, and to serve as a resource for City officials, residents, and businesses.

Let us know if this Initiative is important to you, if you are willing to get involved, and what else you think we should be doing to improve, preserve, and protect the night skies in Ivins.

Community and City Resources

Resident support services, businesses, and education and enrichment programs

Looking for a Hair Artist right here in Kayenta?….JENN Hair Artist embodies the artistic creativity and passion of the beauty industry. She thrives in creating natural, sexy cuts and color styles for men and women. She looks forward to pampering you.

924A Art Village Way, Ivins, UT 83455
801 637-0884 (call or text)

Happy2Help is an in home personal concierge service.

Services Include:

• Personal Shopping
• Health Recovery Assistance
• Meal Prep
• Snowbird Service
• Home Organization
• Event Assistance

Call or email Andrea, your trustworthy neighbor at
401-258-9772 or

Located in the desert community of Kayenta Utah, the Crescent Moon Inn is the perfect place to get away from it all.  The Inn is just a short walk or bike ride from the Kayenta Art Village, where locally-owned art galleries, the Sacred Space Day Spa and the Xetava Garden Cafe add to your unique experience.

For Reservations or Pricing call:

Staying Put in Kayenta is a member-driven organization for Kayenta residents, proactively providing programs and services so members can lead vibrant, active and healthy lives while living in their own homes.

For information contact
Ellen Nathan
Secretary for Staying Put in Kayenta

Art Classes

“Art is a series of trial and error, of discovery and hope, and determination”

Artwork by Sher

Classes Run for Six Weeks.
You will be able to sign up for another six weeks if you choose to continue.

PLACE • New Studio
Fire and Maintenance building in the Art Village
TIME • Mon. or Tues. from 10 AM to 1PM
PRICE • $210 per 6 week session (Six classes)
INSTRUCTOR • Sherrie Warren
BACKGROUND • Bachelor Fine Arts. Taught for 10 years. Worked in acrylics, oils, and pastels.

HOME • 435-656-9199 CELL • 801-680-9616

Kayenta Committees

Board opportunities, landscaping, and ACC & HOA contact information.

Kayenta Deseret ArboretumKayenta Desert Arboretum

Interested in volunteering in the arboretum?  Or just looking for information about the arboretum or our lecture series.  Please contact Roger Head, or 435-632-1814.

kayenta landscape committeeKayenta Landscaping Committee

Please visit the Kayenta HOA website ACC tab for Landscaping documentation. Select Landscaping Regulations Rev 2017 and Landscaping Review Steps 2017.

Kayenta HOAACC & HOA Information

The Kayenta ACC meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month, 2:00 pm in the Kayenta Community Room. A hard copy of the agenda is posted in the Kayenta Homes & Properties office the Thursday before the meeting.

Questions? Ellen Nathan

Phone: 435-652-8333, email:

Blue Can Recycling

Blue Can Recycling

November 8 & 22

Dumpster Dates

November 20

Ivins City

Ivins City Hall Ribbon Cutting

Ivins City Offices are open.

For Appointments with a specific department call:
Administration: 435-628-0606   
: 435-634-9753
Parks or Cemetery: 435-634-7719
Public Works: 435-634-0689
Dispatch: 435-634-5730 or Animal Control: 435-628-1049

Ongoing Events and Activities

Weekly and monthly gatherings

Kayenta Book Lovers

Meetings the 2nd Monday of every month. For more details contact our bookclub

Kayenta Weavers

The Kayenta Weavers groups meets weekly to enjoy the limitless creativity of off-loom weaving.

For information contact Katie at:

Spirit of the Desert Episcopal Church

Spirit of the Desert Episcopal church meets every Sunday at 3 pm at 272 E Center Street, Suite 203, in Ivins for worship, music, and fellowship. The building is located across the street from Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine on the second floor, west end. We welcome everyone to join us whether you are a visitor, a newcomer, an inquirer, or a member of another church or faith tradition. We are a Christian community that cares for one another, and we’d like to care for you, too. For additional information or questions, email Father Lee Montgomery at

*Tahri Marpo Ling Tibetan Buddhist Sangha

Weekly Meditation Practices:  OPEN TO ALL

Friday, 10-11 am, Green Tara Practice

Green Tara is known as the Mother of All Buddhas.  We engage in this practice to awaken our capacity for enlightened activity, present in the form of the feminine dimension of the primordial nature of mind.  Green Tara is known for her ability to dispel fear, anxiety and suffering.

Tuesday, 10-11 am, Awakened Mornings

This practice begins with three guided meditations to focus the mind, open the heart, and generate compassion for all sentient beings.  Then, a short form of the Chenrezig practice is led, in English.  Chenrezig is known as the Buddha of Compassion.

Contact Lhamo Khandro by calling or texting 801-671-8758 or emailing

for Zoom instructions for entering this virtual Buddhist sangha.

For more information on classes, weekly meditation practices and retreats, please go to our website:

Tahri Marpo Ling was founded by Lhamo Thupten Dawa Khandro on May 21st of 2017 with the blessing and guidance of Lama Thupten Rinpoche.  Lhamo Khandro has been ordained in both the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. 



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