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Kayenta ConnectionThe Kayenta Connection wishes all our readers a very Happy New Year. A yearly reminder that this newsletter is for you. If you have a special event or a life celebration that you would like the Kayenta community to know about, please let us know. We are happy to include news that is relevant to our residents.


A Note From Our Director

Happy New Year to all of you in the Kayenta Connection Community!! I am going to hook you up with some world class entertainment from around the country this Spring!!

Coming to take away your January blues, the “Newfangled Four” (NF4 for short) performs for one night only—January 19th— 7pm, at the Center. This talented barbershop quartet is currently riding a huge wave of successes, regularly winning or placing in International competitions while appearing in venues across the country. NF4 comes from sunny SoCal bringing fresh and exciting arrangements. Their gorgeous harmonies—combined with between-the-songs humorous banter—makes them a full-fledged entertainment tour de force. The NF4 were the International Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Champions of 2013 and Far Western District Quartet Champions that same year. Now International Quartet Champs who are blowing up YouTube and the Internet – don’t let this chance to see them pass you by!

“Jake’s Women” follows the next week, Jan 23-26, with only 5 performances, 7pm and Sat at 2pm. Touted as a BEST of STATE Neil Simon Festival play we are again bringing professional entertainment to YOU in the intimate Lorraine Boccardo Theatre.

We are going to a whole new level of entertainment in 2019! Spring Season packages save you $$$ in 2019. Buy 5, get 1 free or buy 10, get two free this spring!! Plus until the end of January there is an additional gift we are giving to Kayenta residents to save another $5. We want you to see what we are bringing to the region that is unique and interesting, different and diverse! Visit KayentaArts.com for more info on all 21 upcoming events… and may your 2019 be your best year ever in Kayenta paradise!

See you at the theatre! Jan B.

Jan Broberg, Director, Center for the Arts at Kayenta


Center for the Arts at Kayenta



Movie Nights at Kayenta

January 7, 7 PM

Kayenta Arts Foundation’s (KAF’s) Movie Nights at Kayenta will be showing films from the private collection of Richard Kinsman, a resident of Kayenta. Richard loved movies and had a private collection of over 2,500 films. He had hoped to hold regular movie nights as a fundraising activity for KAF as well as a time of community. However, when he learned he had a terminal illness, Richard granted his collection to the Foundation. Sadly, he did not survive to see the Center for the Arts at Kayenta completed and thus, his movie nights begin. Richard would be so thankful to see that his vision has come to life!

The movie is free and open to the public with the fun starting at 7 p.m. There will be bottled water, soda, popcorn, candy, and other concessions available for sale. Bring some cash* to make a donation to help pay for licensing and labor costs. Everyone is welcome!


The Newfangled Four –
Barbershop’s Top International Champions

The Newfangled Four

January 19, 7 PM
Regular Tickets: $30

The Newfangled Four is a barbershop quartet based in sunny Southern California.

Formed over two years ago, this foursome quickly bonded through their involvements with the Westminster Chorus and Masters of Harmony, two well-renowned choruses in the Barbershop Harmony Society. Each with their own levels of musical and barbershop experience, it didn’t take long for this quartet to start building a repertoire of challenging, yet exciting arrangements. The quartet was fortunate enough to become the 2013 International Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Champions and the 2013 Far Western District Quartet Champions. In 2014, they received the Dealer’s Choice Award for being the highest scoring debut quartet of the year, and in July 2015, placed 14th in the International Quartet Contest. These guys are always looking to entertain audiences of all kinds, and they are constantly striving to be the next best thing!


Jake’s Women

Jake's Women

January 23–26, 7:00 PM
Regular Tickets: $30/$10 Students

“A clever, witty comedy about a writer losing his love and his marbles!” Mature language.

Simon’s mature exploration of sanity and sorrow tells the story of Jake, a writer, witnessing the unraveling of his marriage and his mind. Jake holds a series of conversations with the women in his life, including his dead wife, his analyst and his daughter. If the description sounds daunting, remember it’s Simon. It’s hilarious all the way.

“Jake” is dealing with a man who is at the brink of sanity really. And it’s funny,” Sham said. “He makes going crazy or moments of losing one’s sanity, as funny as it can possibly get.”


Voyager Lecture with Ron Smith: Kilauea


January 29, 7:00 PM
Regular Tickets: $15

It’s volcano time at Kayenta!

Ron Smith Takes Us Through the May 2018 Volcanic Eruption of Kilauea

Volcanoes are among the most majestic, mysterious, powerful forces of Nature. This past spring, the great Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii erupted, reminding us humans how utterly powerless we are in the face of such might. Lecturer Ron Smith helps us grasp the magnitude, wonder, and catastrophic impact of Kilauea’s latest event.

During the last week of April, 2018, seismographs detected a swarm of earthquakes along the southeastern end of the Big Island. On May 8, Hawaii suffered a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. The great volcano of Kilauea began to erupt. The eruptions spread to numerous fissures southeast of Kilauea and the Volcanoes National Park. The eruptions destroyed many homes and threatened entire villages. Ron Smith will document the 88 consecutive days of lava flows, crater collapses, and gas explosions. Yet, the volcanic activity was not the primary threat of the Kilauea event. Every earthquake and eruption around Kilauea threatens to create a much-feared Hilina slump landslide.  It would trigger a mega tsunami that could threaten millions who live along the coast of the Philippines, Japan, the United States, and South America.

Veyo Volcano PieHow about some volcano pie with that volcano lecture?

Enjoy volcano pie from Veyo Pies (!!) and beverages at an informal social gathering beginning at 6 pm. Cost is $15, including refreshments.

(Note: The Voyager Lecture Series is sponsored by Voyager Wealth Advisors, Inc., Cache Valley Bank, and State Farm Insurance Agent Sherry McGhee.)


Coyote Tales


March 1, 2019

 “Coyote Tales,” has become a much anticipated part of Kayenta’s arts culture. Each event hopes to create and enrich the feeling of ‘community’ between audience members and the storyteller. Past tellers have fearlessly shared some of their lives’ most meaningful events on our stage. We have been treated to silly stories of an airport hunt for a lost cell phone, a thwarted arrest, and a missing tooth. We have been moved by stories of loss, cheered by stories of transformation and elated with stories of triumph. Our next event is scheduled for March 1, 2019 and will delight you with stories of, “Frenemies”. Do you have a story about a relationship that confounds you? Are you “friends” with someone you fundamentally dislike? Perhaps you have a friend who can always be counted on…to bring you down. Maybe, it’s an object that you have a love-hate relationship with. Oh, do tell!

As with previous Coyote Tales, there will be a cocktail pre-party to encourage would-be storytellers to put their name in the hat. Petite Feast will provide light hors d’oeuvres and Kayenta Homes and Properties will provide the evening’s bar selections. *ID wristbands are required for alcohol purchase. All after expense proceeds from ticket and alcohol sales benefit the CFAK.

The March 1st event will have a special attraction: a gourmet concession offering specialty sweets donated and prepared by Petite Feast to raise money for a one-of-a-kind street painting class for the students at Red Mountain Elementary. We are hoping to raise sufficient funds to hire, Southern Utah artist, Rod Peterson to teach the class and purchase all of the needed supplies. This year we are excited to have some of the students from Diamond Ranch Academy serve alongside our Kayenta volunteers as teaching aides for the class.

If you are interested in getting on stage to share your tale, please contact Victoria in advance through the Coyote Tales website www.coyotetalestories.com. She can set you up with a story coach who can help you perfect your tale. As always, any audience member is welcome to put their name in the hat the evening of the show. However, storytellers who work with a coach are guaranteed a spot on stage. Stories presented must be true, first person narratives – we’re after on-theme stories that happened to YOU, the teller. For more information please check our website. There you’ll find tips and tricks to great story telling, information on upcoming events and, you’ll also find a selection of our favorite stories from previous events.


Petite Feast and Utah Humanities logos





Kayenta Arts FoundationThank you to www.alanholbenphoto.com for his talent and photography used to promote many Center for the Arts at Kayenta and Kayenta Arts Foundation shows and events.

Unless otherwise mentioned, events will be held at the Lorraine Boccardo Theater, Center for the Arts.

All programing is subject to change. For more information on these events and to purchase tickets please visit www.kayentaarts.com

Be Part of the Art

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Artisan Street Market

If you are an artist and interested in participating in our Presidents’ Day Weekend Artisan Street Market please download the application HERE



Kayenta Homes & Properties

Volunteers Needed for Kayenta’s Parade of Homes 2019 Entry

We hope you all had a happy, healthy New Year. A record setting 140 party goers attended our holiday open house, with a great mix of long time residents and new home owners. It was wonderful to see all of you! We would like to extend a special thank-you to Victoria Topham for making/baking the Gingerbread House that we did a give-away drawing for.

Now that we are into the New Year, it’s time to bring the community together again for volunteers to our 2019 Parade Home. The dates will be February 15th through the 24th divided up into 2 hour and 15 minute shifts. Our orientation meeting will be on Wednesday the 13th of February at 2pm at this year’s Parade Home.  We will go over the hosting process and give you the opportunity to be the first people to view the home.

Please follow this link to sign up and lock in your spot or two!


Thank you for your continued support of this wonderful community.

Your Kayenta Sales Team,

Jeff Sproul, Principal Broker
Kurt VanLeeuwen, Sales Agent
Nancy Kosick
435-628-7234 • www.kayentahomes.com


Petite Feast

Petite Feast Dinner Club

January 20, 2019 is almost SOLD OUT!

Celebrate the New Year with your friends, neighbors and Petite Feast in a unique and delicious way! Tickets are selling fast, but there is still room for you. Please follow the link below to see my take on various New Year culinary traditions and explore unique cultural twists that promise to delight. Ring in the New Year around our communal table and ensure health, wealth, happiness and luck in 2019.~ Victoria

Victoria – What an amazing evening! The food was incredibly delicious….and beautiful. I so enjoyed my dinner companions, one slightly known acquaintance and other newly met neighbors. Such fun and such good food. What a combination. I look forward to future “petite feasts”  –Jan Hansen

About Petite Feast Dinner Club:

After 30 years as a restaurateur, caterer, chef and Food and Wine best new chef nominee, Victoria Topham is opening her kitchen to share her unique culinary skills and healthy cooking style with guests just like you. PF Dinner Club offers guests the opportunity to socialize with new friends around a shared table while enjoying deliciously upscale meals. Monthly dinners will feature an hors d’oeuvre hour followed by a multi course dinner where mingling with the chef in the kitchen is encouraged. ** Think – mash-up of a restaurant, dinner party and cooking class. And, she always has a few unplanned courses and surprises for her guests!

Events are announced monthly through her website and pricing for each event varies. January’s dinner is almost sold out, but a few seats are still available. Along with the posted menu, each dinner delivers some unannounced dining treats and a unique and varied guest list! Victoria is always happy to accommodate special celebration requests too! Petite Feast Dinner Club is the perfect opportunity to share a communal table with your friends and neighbors. Remember, February’s dinner is a great Valentine’s gift too.

CLICK HERE for information, menus and to purchase tickets.
SUNDAY, January 20, 2019














The Kayenta ACC meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month, 2:00 pm in the Kayenta Community Room. A hard copy of the agenda is posted in the Kayenta Homes & Properties office the Thursday before the meeting.

Questions? Ellen Nathan • Phone: 435-652-8333 • email: arneen@infowest.com


THE VILLAGE GYM ~ Gloria Prahl ~

For information on the Village Gym contact Gloria at 674-2824 or email gmp@infowest.com.[divider]


Kayenta Desert Arboretum

We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping us maintain and develop this great addition to our community, Contact Roger Head at rbh@mtaonline.net or just give him a call at 435-632-1814.


~ A Collaborative Effort ~

Kayenta Landscape committee

Please visit the Kayenta HOA website ACC tab for Landscaping documentation. Select Landscaping Regulations Rev 2017 and Landscaping Review Steps 2017.



TRIPS & TRAILS ~ Charles Dillier ~

Virgin River Gorge

Monday January 21, 2019

We will be going to a sink hole north of Beaver Dam.  Bring a lunch.  Short hike at Cedar Pockets in the Virgin River Gorge.  Half day trip.  5 miles dirt road.

Meet at 10 am at main Kayenta Office

For Details call Charlie at 656-1956.


PICKLEBALL TRAIL ~ Dan Cornelius ~

Dan Cornelius



Staying Put in Kayenta

Staying Put in Kayenta is a member-driven organization for Kayenta residents, proactively providing programs and services so members can lead vibrant, active and healthy lives while living in their own homes.

For informaiton contact: Ellen Nathan
Secretary for Staying Put in Kayenta


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Elevate Fitness

Elevate is a boutique fitness studio located in Kayenta offering group fitness classes, and private, semi-private and group training workouts.


Elevate Age Well

Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 am beginning January 8th, 2019

A specialized class that is designed and programmed for the mature exerciser.  Class focus is on balance, strength, cardio, coordination, agility and movement patterns that greatly benefit the exercisers ability to maintain a healthy & strong body to AgeWELL.

Be happy. Be healthy. Have a blast! E L E V A T E
Class schedules can be found at: www.facebook.com/elevatestudioinkayenta

For studio information visit: johnyohmanfitnessretreats.com.

Inquiries can be directed to John Yohman, Owner
Elevate Studio • 435-632-1381 • jyfitness@me.com


Sacred Space Spa

Sacred Space Spa

Sacred Space is a boutique-like day spa offering world renowned spa treatments as well as a wonderful selection of products, books, teas, and gifts. All spa treatments are performed by licensed professional therapists and estheticians that have been extensively trained and are extremely talented body workers and healers.

Find Your JOY Yoga Classes are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am.  Space is limited. Contact Aly for details, pricing and for sign up info at 435-863-7743.
Find your joy yoga

For more information on our services, pricing and monthly discounts visit our website at www.kayentaspa.com

Your neighborhood day spa and yoga studio. Tel: 435-862-7743 Sacredspacespa@gmail.com.


The Acupuncturist

The Acupuncturist

Janene Borandi is a Utah licensed acupuncturist.

She holds a Diplomate of Acupuncture Certification by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Janene graduated from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2014 and worked in private practice in Maryland and DC until moving to St. George, Utah in December 2016. Those wanting to make acupuncture appointments online can follow this link to my ONLINE SCHEDULER.

Janene also be offers the following yoga classes. YOGA GLASS REGISTRATION

Yoga – Kundalini Level I – Wednesday 9:00-10:15 am, 1 hour 15 minutes @ $15.00

Yoga – Power Vinyasa Level II/III – Monday & Thursday at 6:00 pm, 1 hour @ $15.00


Fitness Yoga with Kayenta resident Christy Lueders

Yoga Class

Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:45 to 10am. These 75 minute sessions emphasize breathing, strength, flexibility, and balance. The level is intermediate. The style is hatha flow. The location is the Room for Thought, a multi-purpose room in Kayenta’s Art Village. If you would like to join in the fun, please call first at 435-673-3469.


Village Fitness Center

The Village Fitness Center located near the theater and next to the room for thought has circuit training classes M/W/F at 8 am and Tu/Th/Sat at 9 am. ($3 per session). Other options to use the facility are also available. Come join your neighbors to strengthen your muscles, improve your heart rate and have some fun. Drop in some morning or contact Gloria Prahl at gmp@infowest.com or call 435-674-2824 or 435-669-0430.



~ Lois Hewitt ~

Ivins no-kill animal supporters

As 2019 unfolds, INKAS hopes everyone had a joyful holiday season. We believe INKAS was particularly fortunate in December as we were able to participate in the true meaning of the season by helping a “wish” come true for another Washington County animal advocate non-profit. Because of the ongoing generosity of our donors when INKAS received a request from an animal rescue organization to help them as they are upgrading and improving their dog rescue area, we were able to respond. Not only did INKAS buy new kennels but we were able to purchase all that were needed. It is the strong support of our community that continues to enable INKAS to make “wishes come true.” Happy New Year to all from INKAS and we wish you a healthy and happy year filled with special times spent alongside your “four-legged” family members.

The Ivins Animal Shelter

Bailee Sleppy, Manager
HOURS: Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 3PM, Sunday: CLOSED

Lois Hewitt: President. 435-414-4802
Sara Dupre: Secretary. 206-724-5902
INKAS4pets.org Please visit our website to read INKAS accomplishments!
Please remember the pets waiting for adoptions or fostering at the Ivins City Animal Shelter
INKAS is a 501(c) 3 organization and is a Registered Utah Charity.
Inkas4pets@gmail.com. You can also check us out on Facebook.


NEXTDOOR KAYENTA ~ Nathan Dupre & Kathi Fox ~

Nextdoor is a completely private on-line web-site environment and we now have ONE Kayenta Nextdoor neighborhood with two leaders Nathan Dupre and Kathi Fox. If you would like to join go to: www.nextdoor.com/join/VZBZAH.



We’d like to invite all Kayenta residents to join us in supporting Snow Canyon State Park. Our mission is to provide support to Snow Canyon State Park through various means. For more information and to join Friends please visit our web site www.friendsofsnowcanyon.org or e-mail us at friendsofsnowcanyon@gmail.com. “Like” us on www.facebook.com/ FriendsofSnowCanyon.

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Crescent Moon Inn ~ Come Stay In Kayenta!

Crescent Moon InnLocated in the desert community of Kayenta Utah, the Crescent Moon Inn is the perfect place to get away from it all. Relax and enjoy the picturesque desert surroundings and an unobstructed view of the night sky. The Inn is just a short walk or bike ride from the Kayenta Art Village, where locally-owned art galleries, the Sacred Space Day Spa and the Xetava Garden Cafe add to your unique experience.

For Crescent Moon Inn Reservations or Pricing call: 435-879-9076

or visit us at www.crescentmooninn.com

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Ivins City • Ivins City information can be found on their website at www.ivins.com

The January edition of the Ivins City Newsletter contains valuable information pertinent to our community. On page 6 there is an update on the Red Mountains Dams Rehabilitation work. Follow this LINK to download the newsletter.

Dumpster date is January 12 and Blue Can recycling is January 7 & 21.




Art Classes

“Art is a series of trial and error, of discovery and hope, and determination”

Classes Run for Six Weeks.
You will be able to sign up for another six weeks if you choose to continue.

PLACE • New Office, Fire, and Maintenance building in the Art Village
TIME • Mon. or Tues. from 10 AM to 1PM
PRICE • $210 per 6 week session (Six classes)
INSTRUCTOR • Sherrie Warren
BACKGROUND • Bachelor Fine Arts. Taught for 10 years. Worked in acrylics, oils, and pastels.

CALL TO RESERVE SPACE OR TO SIGN UP. HOME • 435-656-9199 CELL • 801-680-9616

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Trips & Trails
For more details call Charles Dillier at 435-656-1956.

Group play is every day of the week but Sunday and the starting time changes with the season. For more info, call Rick Erickson at 435-674-4972.

Kayenta Book Lovers
Meetings the 2nd Monday of every month. For more details contact: A useful resource for any reader: https://sites.google.com/site/kayentabookclub/

Kayenta Weavers
The Kayenta Weavers groups meets weekly to enjoy the limitless creativity of off-loom weaving. For information contact Katie at: kayentakatie@gmail.com.

Spirit of the Desert Episcopal Church
Every Sunday at 3 pm in Kayenta’s Room for Thought. For details contact Katie Mays at 435-628-3552. www.spiritepiscopalchurch.org.

The Tahri Marpo Ling Buddhist Sangha – Green Tara Practice
The Green Tara practice now meets on Friday’s from 9:00am – 10:00am in Sacred Space Spa at the Kayenta Art Village. The Green Tara Practice will begin with a teaching from Buddhist literature, followed by the chanting of prayers and the Green Tara mantra. The practice will conclude with a period of silent meditation. Preparation: Wear loose, comfortable clothing; bring your meditation cushion if you prefer to sit on one; otherwise, chairs will be provided. A suggested donation of $5, would be greatly appreciated. For more Information email:tahrimarpoling@gmail.com

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