September 2020

Kayenta Homes and Properties

Without a doubt, 2020 will go down in history as one of the most memorable on record, even if for all the wrong reasons.  COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect of daily life, changing the way we live and work and denying us those precious opportunities to socialize with family, friends, and neighbors over meals, concerts, movies, church services, outdoor activities, Summer BBQs, and the list goes on and on.

Kayenta has not been unaffected by the global pandemic.  The Center for the Arts has been forced to postpone its season; opening times at Art Village have been curtailed; Xetava is serving meals using plastic cutlery and face masks; and Kayenta Homes & Properties has been forced to cancel the annual Memorial Day and Labor Day pool parties (as of going to press, the fate of the annual holiday-inspired open house remains in doubt).

Surprisingly, in these unsettled times, the local real estate market has been as hot as this year’s Summer temperatures.  Virtually every home listed for sale in Kayenta since Spring 2020 has gone under contract in record time at increasingly higher prices per square foot, sometimes before even being listed for sale on MLS.  Our legendary quality of life has gained notoriety in these chaotic times from prospective buyers.  If you’ve been thinking of listing your home for sale, the time to do so is now.  We have buyers actively looking.

A year from now, here’s hoping that we’ll all be enjoying each other’s company over potluck, ice cold beverages, and live music around the community swimming pool, just as we’ve done for the past two decades.  Here’s also hoping that the “summer of our discontent” will be a bookmark in history, a conversation piece, and a distant memory.  In the meantime, stay well and stay safe.

Kayenta HOmes & Properties

Thank you for your continued support.

Your Kayenta Sales Team,

Jeff Sproul, Principal Broker
Nancy Kosick, Sales Agent
Steve McAllister, Sale Agent


Kayenta Arts Foundation logo

Beauty, in whatever form it takes,
soothes the soul.

Barely a month before he died in Dallas, John F. Kennedy said: “We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

The Board of Directors of Kayenta Arts Foundation truly believe that statement. With that belief leading us, and doing all we can providing safety precautions for every patron, we are about to open the fourth season at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta. We will begin with a series of outdoor concerts in mid-September, and move back inside in October with the Pulitzer Prize winning play, RED, the story of American painter, Mark Rothko.

Of course all these events and others into the future will only be produced with all the safety precautions we mentioned in last month’s article. They also appear as a pop up window whenever you log onto our website page

We look forward to seeing you once again at the cello concert, the Kurt Bestor concert, and at the play RED. Be Safe. Be Well.

Rob Goodman, Chair
Kayenta Arts Foundation

Center for the Arts at Kayenta


Voyager Lecture Series

Voyager Lecture Series

September 15

The 1919 Flu Pandemic: Lessons For Today & Tomorrow

With Dr. Ron Smith

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana. In 1918 through 1920, more than one million Americans died from the flu. Worldwide, over 50 million died. The great 1919 flu pandemic took more lives than World War One. Now we contend with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Karma Fest at CFAK

Karma Fest 2020

September 17 - 19

Kayenta Acoustic Roots Music
For ALL: K.A.R.M.A. Fest 2020

In the evenings of September 17–19 at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta, two acoustic concerts will take our breath away and give it to the autumn wind. Attendees will be able to relax outdoors in socially distanced seating under the lovely southern Utah red rock mountains.



September 17

Celebrating Beethoven’s 250th Birthday

Ludwig Van Beethoven was known for his music’s passion, and we’re known for our large cello gatherings. In this 2nd and final installment of Beethoven’s 250th Birthday Celebration, we will be serenaded by the Cello Society of Southern Utah, conducted by Dr. Ka-Wai Yu of Dixie State University. We are thrilled to be making Dr. Yu’s lifelong dream of spreading the music of the cello possible once again.

Kurt Bestor at CFAK

Kurt Bestor

September 18 & 19

Kurt’s Music in High Places makes a second stop in Kayenta!

All seating is outdoors and General Admission. Set on our plaza against the backdrop of CFAK and the nearby red mountains of Ivins. Kurt Bestor loves playing in intimate settings like Kayenta. “I get to connect with the audience in ways I can’t in larger concert halls and venues.”

St. George Opera

Opera Favorites under the Stars

September 25 & 26

St. George Opera presents a little night medley—

A concert-style tour through their all-time favorite arias, duets and trios.  Some of the world’s most famous and beloved music, with the regions best singers, all experienced outside, under the stars. All seating is socially distanced in a beautiful setting and safe environment. Seating is limited so reserve your seats now.

Red by John Logan at Center for the Arts at Kayenta

Red by John Logan

October 1 - 17

Red, The Pulitzer Prize Winning Play About Art

Winner of the 2010 Tony Award. “Intense and exciting…a study in artist appreciation, a portrait of an angry and brilliant mind that asks you to feel the shape and texture of thoughts…RED captures the dynamic relationship between an artist and his creations.” —NY Times.

Center for the Arts at Kayenta

Thank you to for his talent and photography used to promote many Center for the Arts at Kayenta and Kayenta Arts Foundation shows and events.
All programing is subject to change.

August 2020 Recap of Ivins City Council Activities

Hello –
Thanks for the positive feedback from last month’s update, it’s a privilege to serve the residents of Ivins. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to share your perspective with your elected officials, your opinion is very important to us! Here’s a few issues that are important:

1. CARES Grants

I am so pleased that Ivins has received CARES funds from the State of Utah to make available to Ivins based businesses that have suffered impacts due to Covid-19. Applications will be accepted from September 1-30, 2020. You can apply online at\CARES here’s the information:

The following eligibility criteria have been approved by the City Council:
• Business must have been licensed in Ivins City (if licensing is required) on or before March 1, 2019
• Business must be located within Ivins City
• The business experienced a loss of at least $5,000 between March 1st and June 30th, 2020 compared to the same period in the prior year
• Business must be open or have a plan to reopen, at the time of application
• An owner must be 18 years or older and have a valid EIN, or SSN if Sole-Proprietor
• Business must be able to use funds before December 31, 2020, and
• Business owners must document and report on the use of funds.

This is a grant and will not be required to be repaid if funds are spent on allowable expenses. To learn more about this grant program and allowable uses please visit the CARES site at\CARES.

2. Nightly Rentals in Ivins – do you agree?

Last month, I mentioned Black Desert Resort, the property that is slated for the SITLA land located on the east side of Ivins just south of Center Street at the “horse” roundabout. At the next City Council Meeting, there should be a Public Hearing on the zoning change that was approved by the Planning Commission. This is a very important Public Hearing because they are requesting approval for Resort Mixed Use and Multi-Family zoning which means they want to build homes for nightly rental directly behind a residential neighborhood. Here’s the details from the Planning Commission agenda:

Black Desert Resort is requesting a Zone Change of 113 acres from RA-5 (Residential Agricultural, minimum lot size 5 acres) to RE-37 (Residential Estates District, minimum lot size 37,000 sq. ft) R-1-7.5 (Residential Single Family, minimum lot size 7,500 sq. ft), and RMU (Resort Mixed Use District, Commercial and Multi-Family), located at approximately Puerto Drive and 400 South. SITLA-Owner. Patrick Manning-Applicant.

3. Kayenta/Crescent Moon Inn area

Terry Marten LLC is requesting a zoning change on 14.7 acres located in the Crescent Moon area south to 91. The requestor isn’t required to submit what is being planned for the property when submitting a zoning change. However, a Public Hearing should be held in the next month on this request. The property is currently zoned High Density and Commercial Light Manufacturing and the request is to drop the High Density and simply by Commercial Light Manufacturing. In addition, they are requesting a Zone Amendment from an Agricultural District with min lot size of 5 acres to Residential Single Family with min lot size 5000 sq. ft.

4. Ivins City Hall

New Ivins City Hall

As I mentioned last month, Ivins is building a new city hall because we’ve outgrown the existing building and we need space for the combined Ivins/Santa Clara Police Dept. The Police will take over the current city hall. The new Ivins City Hall will be built just north of the current city hall. My favorite design feature of the new city hall is a rammed earth wall which extends from the front entrance into the lobby of the building. The rammed earth wall was selected as the focal design element to represent not only Red Mountain but also the work ethic of Ivin’s earliest residents. This is what the Mayor has written about Ivins and the connection to the rammed earth wall:

“Beneath the Big Red Mountain, the Santa Clara Bench was a parched alluvial plain laced with ancient black lave flows until Ivins original settlers carved a canal from Gunlock along the mountain face in bringing water and life to a new farming community that would later become Ivins City. Red dirt, water and hard work made us what we are today and they are represented in this “rammed earth” simulated sandstone wall. And just as black lava has been underfoot of any who traveled through here so it is now the aggregate of this polished concrete floor upon which you stand. Our sandstone cliffs, red dirt and lava flows were obstacles to those who first settled here but are treasures to us now as is the legacy of their hard work and sacrifice that made possible this beautiful place we call home.”

Above are two renderings of the proposed Ivins City Hall; the first showing the exterior and front entrance and the second is an interior rendering depicting the rammed earth wall separating the foyer from the City Council chambers.

Please send me a note with any questions or concerns, you can reach me at City Council is here to serve you and I encourage you to communicate with City Council members often. You can sign up on the City website to receive the agenda prior to each meeting and there’s a link to email all Council members.

Take care –

Kayenta Art Village Rules of entering stores and Galleries

Washington County
Yellow: Low Risk

Social Guidelines

General public takes reasonable precautions

Maintain social distancing when in public settings

Face coverings worn in settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain

Private, social interactions that occur without oversight by a formal organization are allowable in groups 50 or fewer; this may be increased incrementally based on data & milestone trends


Reconsider any nonessential travel into areas with widespread community transmission of COVID-19

In the state of Utah, adhere to guidelines of geographic area currently in

Check out these links for additional guidelines including what to expect when going to Southern Utah’s gyms, pools, restaurants, and personal services.

COVID-19 Cases • UPDATED August 28, 2020

Washington County: 2,764 (10 new); 2,490 recovered, 22 deaths

Kayenta Community

Our businesses and resident sponsored events and news

Xetava Gardens Cafe

We are now open daily.

Monday – Wednesday, 11:30am – 5pm

Thursday – Friday 11:30am – 8pm

Saturday-Sunday 9am-8pm

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Petite Feast Dinner Club is not taking reservations for September,

but we are taking orders!

Date Night Dinner for 2 to Go

September 25, 2020

The best dates my husband and I ever went on were the ones that had no plan at all. An afternoon hike turned into a quick drink, turned into dinner and a movie. It’s strange how the time flew by and the evening just somehow planned itself. Unfortunately, coronavirus has put an end to all that spontaneity; nowadays almost everything requires a mask-wearing plan. But Petite Feast has it all figured out for you. Just click the button to order September’s Date Night Dinner to Go. If you do, you and your sweet one will be effortlessly enjoying a laid-back and delicious night out “IN.”


Friday, September 25, 2020

Heirloom Tomato Bean Salad with Shaved Fennel and Queso Fresco

House Smoked Salmon, Pasilla Corn Cake with Creme Fraiche

Mustard Garlic Roast Chicken with Black Beans and Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa Vinaigrette

Berry Summer Pudding with Mascarpone Creme

Wine recommendation:  Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc

Movie recommendation: Juliette Naked

View the Trailer on YouTube here

Available to rent on several streaming platforms including Roku, Vudu, Pluto and Plex

Petite Feast has everything you need to enjoy the perfect date night in the comfort of your home.  This made from scratch four course dinner comes completely cooked with easy to follow heating and serving instructions. And, to make an evening out of it, we include an easy-to-find wine recommendation and an ideal date night movie option.  The menu requires little more than heating and plating work on your part.

Here are the Details:

Dinner date: Friday, September 25, 2020
Dinners must be purchased by Tuesday, September 22, 2020.
Dinners are $85.00 for 2 adults and come with complete heating and serving instructions.
Single dinners are available for purchase by contacting Victoria through the website.
Dinners come boxed and ready for pick up Friday, August 28, 2020.
Customer pick up 9/25 between 3-5pm. Unfortunately delivery is not available for this dinner.
Pick up address will be given in confirmation email after purchase.

Petite Feast Dinner Club


I’d like to give a shout-out to our community of Virtual Dinner Party chefs and diners.  For six months, we’ve been roasting, braising, grilling, sautéing and turning out delicious, photo-worthy meals.  Through our participation in this project, I believe we’ve become more confident cooks and more connected as friends and neighbors.  And while I look forward to the day when we can enjoy a meal around Petite Feast’s communal tables, I am grateful for the opportunity to share these recipes and cook with you each week.

In our first recipe of the month, salmon fillets provided the perfect opportunity to experiment with a deceptively easy but sophisticated salmon roulade that had   VDP chefs, Brent and Pam Layton, saying this recipe was certainly headed to their “Serve to Company” file. The following week we prepared a white bean salad with a roasted garlic vinaigrette.  Weekly dinner party chefs, Lois Andrews and Betty Marianetti happily added pasta to their creations and Lois even came up with a clever time saver to roast the tomatoes and garlic together.  So very smart. And for Larry Pisto, a bit of self-quarantining was evidently needed after he added the entire bulb of roasted garlic to his vinaigrette!

Our group’s favorite recipe of the month was a watermelon tomato gazpacho with shishito peppers. VDP sommeliers, Tim and Judy Terrell, served it to ‘Kayenta North’ guests at a socially distanced dinner gathering in Park City.  Christy Lueders pulled off a smart ingredient swap when she subbed jalapeno for the impossible-to-find shisihito peppers the recipe called for. Her results were a bit spicier but equally delicious. And Jen Burch, who returned to Kayenta and it’s 100 degree heat, cooled off with this refreshing soup.

We finished out the month with our 24th recipe; a stove top frittata with red pepper, asparagus and goat cheese.  The big deal with this recipe was the flipping technique needed to cook both top and bottom of the egg custard. I have not seen any videos (yet!) of the flipping, but I encourage you try it. It’s a fun technique to have in your tool box and it’s an impressive skill to wow friends and family.

If you are not a member of the Virtual Dinner Party Group but would like to become one, please join us through Nextdoor.  If you would rather just have access to the recipes, all of them are available by clicking on the button below.  I will continue to enthusiastically post weekly anticipating the time when we can dine together again.

Petite Feast is now taking limited reservations for our October Dinner Club. My hope is that we will be able to dine at reduced capacity outside on the patio. You can view the menu at HERE.  I look forward to the time when coronavirus concerns are far behind us and we are able to enjoy the company of friends around communal tables.  Until that time, be safe and cook on! – Victoria

*Please know if you purchase a ticket for October’s dinner and we need to cancel, a full refund will be given.

Coyote Tales

Get Your Story Heard!


A lot has changed recently, but one thing has remained the same. Storytelling – in all its forms – is a powerful bond that connects and unites us as individuals and communities. Through the sharing of stories, our differences matter less and our individuality is celebrated more. In these unpredictable times, Coyote Tales is committed to continue to provide the stage to share our experiences. Through these events we hope not only to entertain but to foster deeper empathy and understanding in our community.

For October 2nd’s virtual show, we are very pleased to welcome two renowned storytellers to our stage.  Matthew Dicks, 50-time Moth StorySLAM champion and 6-time GRANDSLAM champion and Shannon Cason, Moth host, Main-Stage storyteller and GRANDSLAM champion will be sharing their true stories of “Chance Meetings.”  While we are delighted to hear these important and amazing voices, there is room on the stage for you too.

Share your story. Please consider submitting a true, 3 minute on-theme, first person, story of a chance meeting for possible inclusion in the show. If you do, you could win a chance to level-up your storytelling game with a 60 minute private virtual storytelling workshop with Matthew Dicks. How cool is that? If you are interested in getting on stage, please contact Victoria through the Coyote Tales website.

Log on to “see” the show.  On October 2nd, sign on to the Coyote Tales website and watch the stories online. Because this is a virtual event it is free and available to all. To watch the show just log on @

Need inspiration?  Check out our audio archives on the Coyote Tales website link below.

Coyote Tales virtual events are free to all and as always, proceeds from live Coyote Tales events are donated to local nonprofits.

Everyone has a story – Vic

This event is sponsored by Utah Humanities, Petite Feast, Desert Dweller, and Zion Brewery Station 2 along with generous financial support from Kayenta story lovers.

Coyote Tales

Health, Fitness & Wellness

Kayenta’s locally run gyms, fitness classes, spas,  group workouts, wellness activities and mindful experiences.

“ The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone—that is the secret of invention: be alone, that is when ideas are born.”

~ Nikola Tesla, Inventor, Engineer, Futurist

Elevate Fitness

Elevate Fitness

Limited Participation Classes

Elevate Studio is offering a limited participant outdoor fitness class. No more than 4 participants per class and you are required to bring your own equipment. Pre-registration is required as these classes remain popular.
Elevate is a boutique fitness studio located in Kayenta offering group fitness classes, and private, semi-private and group training workouts. Be happy. Be healthy. Have a blast!  ELEVATE!

Inquiries can be directed to
John Yohman, Owner
Elevate Studio • 435-632-1381

Sacred Space Spa

Sacred Space Spa

We are Open

I will be taking temperatures (touchless thermometer) upon your arrival. I will be wearing a mask during massage appointments. If you have travelled to a COCID-19 hot-spot, please wait the 14-day period before you join a class or come to the spa. If you feel under the weather please stay home.

Sacred Space is a boutique-like day spa offering world renowned spa treatments as well as a wonderful selection of products, books, teas, and gifts. All spa treatments are performed by licensed professional therapists and estheticians that have been extensively trained and are extremely talented body workers and healers. For more information on our services, pricing and monthly discounts visit our website. Your neighborhood day spa and yoga studio.

Tel: 435-862-7743

Find Your Joy Yoga

Find your joy yoga

We are Open

I will be taking temperatures (touchless thermometer) upon your arrival. I will be wearing a mask during massage appointments. If you have travelled to a COCID-19 hot-spot, please wait the 14-day period before you join a class or come to the spa. If you feel under the weather please stay home.

Tuesday & Thursday FYJY with Aly at 9:00 am in the Outdoor theater

Space is limited. Contact Aly for details, pricing and for sign up info at 435-863-7743.

Fitness Yoga

Fitness Yoga with Christy Lueders

Classes Temporarily Suspended

Friday mornings 9 to 10:30 am, except most of June, July, and August.

These 90 minute sessions emphasize breathing, strength, flexibility, and balance. The level is intermediate and the style is hatha flow.   We are a warm and welcoming group with an average of 8–14 participants.  The location is the Room for Thought, a multi-purpose room in Kayenta’s Art Village.

If you have some experience and would like to join in the fun, please call first at 435-619-3475 for more details.

Kayenta Pickleball Group

We have a women’s league on Monday mornings and mixed doubles drop-in play on Tues, Thurs & Saturday mornings. Contact one of the members below for the current start times.  Players’ abilities vary, with some playing in competitive tournaments others more focused on great exercise and having fun on the courts with neighbors.  If you’re thinking about giving pickleball a try, please contact a member of the committee or any active member for details about joining. It’s a great game! Members in good standing may access the secured courts at any time.  See you on the courts!

Joel Lueders:
Michael Hopwood:
Trish Olson:

Village Fitness Center

We are open

The Village Fitness Center is open but with limited class sizes. Following social distancing protocols for the safety of everyone we are only allowing 4 participants for each class. The Village Fitness Center located near the theater and next to the room for thought has circuit training classes M/W/F at 8 am and Tu/Th/Sat at 9 am. ($4 per session). Other options to use the facility are also available. Come join your neighbors to strengthen your muscles, improve your heart rate and have some fun. Please contact Gloria Prahl for more information and to check on class availability.

435-674-2824    435-669-0430

Community Advocates

Are you a Kayenta resident? Do you have a cause or passion that you are personally involved with in the St. George area?
If so, let your neighbors know right here.

Inkas no kill Animal Supporters

INKAS – Ivins No Kill Animal Supporters
Advocate: Lois Hewitt 

NKAS is excited to announce that our annual yardsale fundraiser will be held on Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, October 24th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We will be at a new location on the P.A.W.S. Adoption Center property located just off Sunset Blvd. at 1125 W 1130 N.  After months of uncertainty due to the coronavirus, we are pleased to have this larger space that will allow for better social distancing. We will be wearing masks, and hand sanitizer will be available for everyone’s use.  We are looking forward to seeing all of our regular shoppers and meeting new ones, and to seeing everyone go home with new treasures!

We will be accepting donations until a week before the sale.  If you’d like a pick up, or to drop off items, please contact Sara Dupre at 206-724-5902 or Shan Hansen at 435-215-9211.

The Ivins Animal Shelter
Bailee Sleppy, Manager
HOURS: Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 3PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Lois Hewitt: President. 435-414-4802
Sara Dupre: Secretary. 206-724-5902
Please visit our website to read INKAS accomplishments! Remember the pets waiting for adoptions or fostering at the Ivins City Animal Shelter.
INKAS is a 501(c) 3 organization and is a Registered Utah Charity. 
You can also check us out on Facebook.

Inkas for pets

Friends of Snow Canyon State Park
Advocates: Isabelle Kalantzes

NOTICE:  The Park is now open to all visitors.

We’d like to invite all Kayenta residents to join us in supporting Snow Canyon State Park. Our mission is to provide support to Snow Canyon State Park through various means. For more information and to join Friends please visit our web site.

E-mail us at “Like” us on FriendsofSnowCanyon.

Nextdoor Kayenta
Advocates: Nathan Dupre & Kathi Fox

Nextdoor is a completely private on-line web-site environment and we now have ONE Kayenta Nextdoor neighborhood with two leaders Nathan Dupre and Kathi Fox.

Ivins Night Sky Initiative

Ivins Night Sky Initiative
Advocate: Nathan Dupre

Please visit the Initiative’s website for more information at or email them at

The mission of the Ivins Night Sky Initiative is to improve, preserve, and protect the night sky over Ivins and our heritage of dark skies through education and information about environmentally responsible outdoor lighting, and to serve as a resource for City officials, residents, and businesses.

Let us know if this Initiative is important to you, if you are willing to get involved, and what else you think we should be doing to improve, preserve, and protect the night skies in Ivins.

Community and City Resources

Resident support services, businesses, and education and enrichment programs

Staying Put in Kayenta is a member-driven organization for Kayenta residents, proactively providing programs and services so members can lead vibrant, active and healthy lives while living in their own homes.

For information contact
Ellen Nathan
Secretary for Staying Put in Kayenta

Happy2Help is an in home personal concierge service.

Services Include:

• Personal Shopping
• Health Recovery Assistance
• Meal Prep
• Snowbird Service
• Home Organization
• Event Assistance

Call or email Andrea, your trustworthy neighbor at
401-258-9772 or

Located in the desert community of Kayenta Utah, the Crescent Moon Inn is the perfect place to get away from it all.  The Inn is just a short walk or bike ride from the Kayenta Art Village, where locally-owned art galleries, the Sacred Space Day Spa and the Xetava Garden Cafe add to your unique experience.

For Reservations or Pricing call:

Looking for a Hair Artist right here in Kayenta?….JENN Hair Artist embodies the artistic creativity and passion of the beauty industry. She thrives in creating natural, sexy cuts and color styles for men and women. She looks forward to pampering you.

924A Art Village Way
Ivins, UT 83455
801 637-0884 (call or text)

Art Classes

“Art is a series of trial and error, of discovery and hope, and determination”

Artwork by Sher

Classes Run for Six Weeks.
You will be able to sign up for another six weeks if you choose to continue.

PLACE • New Studio
Fire and Maintenance building in the Art Village
TIME • Mon. or Tues. from 10 AM to 1PM
PRICE • $210 per 6 week session (Six classes)
INSTRUCTOR • Sherrie Warren
BACKGROUND • Bachelor Fine Arts. Taught for 10 years. Worked in acrylics, oils, and pastels.

HOME • 435-656-9199 CELL • 801-680-9616

Kayenta Committees

Board opportunities, landscaping, and ACC & HOA contact information.

Kayenta Deseret ArboretumKayenta Desert Arboretum

If you haven’t visited the arboretum, take advantage of this unique attraction in our community.  The arboretum was expanded last year and now extends from the north parking lot of Coyote Village to the Desert Rose Labyrinth.

Each year we need volunteers to keep this Kayenta treasure looking its best.  Whether you have volunteered in the past or not, please let us know if you can help with the occasional maintenance needed to keep it beautiful.  We are developing a permanent list of arboretum volunteers.  Please contact Roger Head, or 435-632-1814.

kayenta landscape committeeKayenta Landscaping Committee

Please visit the Kayenta HOA website ACC tab for Landscaping documentation. Select Landscaping Regulations Rev 2017 and Landscaping Review Steps 2017.

Kayenta HOAACC & HOA Information

The Kayenta ACC meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month, 2:00 pm in the Kayenta Community Room. A hard copy of the agenda is posted in the Kayenta Homes & Properties office the Thursday before the meeting.

Questions? Ellen Nathan

Phone: 435-652-8333, email:

Hog and Jog 5K, 2020

Hog & Jog 5K, 2020

The new race date will be September 5th, 2020 at 7:30 am

Location: Unity Park, Ivins –  SEE MAP

Come out to the 6th Annual Hog and Jog Family Fun Run and join in the Festivities. With Music on the course and Hog and Jog Selfie Stations, you’ll be able to celebrate and run at the same time!  

Every participant will receive a Hog and Jog-Shirt, Tons of Bacon, AMAZING 4″ Hog and Jog Finisher medal. Also, If you are one of the first 500 people to register you will receive an official Hog & Jog Pig Nose to wear during the event!!

Do to COVID-19, we have lengthened the start and finish areas to allow for social distancing. We ask that everyone be courteous of others and allow 6 feet between those that are not part of your family and yourself.

The race is not timed, but we will be providing prizes for the first 3 Male and Female Finishers. This is the Spring Celebration Jackpot!

for prizes, giveaways, Bacon Doughnuts, and Bacon from Smithfield Foods! We will be giving 4 runners with the Best Bacon Costume $25 gift cards towards anything  at the St. George Running Center.

Packet pickup will be Friday from 3pm-7pm at the Red Cliffs Mall (Directions to packet pick up) and 6:30am-7:15am on Saturday morning before the race.


Blue Can Recycling

Blue Can Recycling

September 14 & 28

Dumpster Dates

September 5 & 19

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, Pubic Works Employees will be unable to help unload. Please place heavy items on the ground.

Ivins City

Ivins City Offices are open.

For Appointments with a specific department call:
Administration: 435-628-0606   
: 435-634-9753
Parks or Cemetery: 435-634-7719
Public Works: 435-634-0689
Dispatch: 435-634-5730 or Animal Control: 435-628-1049

Ongoing Events and Activities

Weekly and monthly gatherings

Kayenta Book Lovers

Meetings the 2nd Monday of every month. For more details contact our bookclub

Kayenta Weavers

The Kayenta Weavers groups meets weekly to enjoy the limitless creativity of off-loom weaving.

For information contact Katie at:

Spirit of the Desert Episcopal Church

Every Sunday at 3 pm in Kayenta’s Room for Thought. For details contact Katie Mays at 435-628-3552.

The Tahri Marpo Ling Buddhist Sangha


Join us on Friday and Sunday Mornings from 9:00am – 10:00am at the Sacred Space Spa at the Kayenta Art Village.

Friday, 9:00am – 10:00am, Green Tara Practice

Sunday, 9:00am – 10:00am, Awakened Mornings

Visit our website: for ongoing information about classes and retreats.


Email submissions / changes to with “Kayenta Connection (month)” in the subject line. Our Kayenta Connection Newsletter updates the 1st of the Month. Please submit 6 days prior to the end of the month to be included.

The Kayenta Connection is a publication that is focused on the Kayenta Community (residents, visitors and other interested folks). Information and articles should appeal to our Kayenta readers and reflect the spirit of our community. The KC cannot be responsible for mistakes submitted by the contributor.

The information submitted does not imply sponsorship or reflect the views and opinion of Kayenta Homes & Properties or Kayenta Development. Content not deemed appropriate for our readers will not be published. All information published in the KC is subject to editing.

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