General Questions

What is the Kayenta concept and philosophy?
Environmental and site specific architecture emphasizing the preservation of open space, Xerospace landscaping, passive solar construction, low profile designs and earthtone desert colors to blend with the desert environment.
What areas will remain open space in the future?
Kayenta will encompass approximately 2,000 acres. The average lot size depending upon site layout and topography is one acre. There are a number of park areas which will stay open pace: Elephant Rocks, Rock Park, Shonto Point, Kayenta Gorge and the Xetava Gardens, Desert Arboretum, and trails system.
When will the development be completed?
Development of the project will continue for 15 to 30 years. Developing areas: Shonto Point, Menitou, Tuweap, North Taviawk, Taviawk Villages and Indian Hills.
What are the number of property and homes?
Approximately 500 lots have been platted and sold, of which 280 properties have been developed with custom homes. At any one point in time there may be as many as a dozen or more homes under construction.
What kind of wildlife is present at Kayenta?
The preservation of open space provides for an abundance of natural wildlife: rabbits, quail, lizards, red tail hawks, hummingbirds, spiders, squirrels, roadrunners, coyotes, mice, and many types of birds.
What type of plants make up the natural vegetation?
Kayenta has a thriving indigenous landscape of Sand Sage or Old Man Sage, Black Brush, Mesquite trees, Snake Weed, Yucca Baccata, Yucca Elata, Ephedra (Mormon Tea), Desert Broom, Indigo Bush, Texas Honey Mesquite, Screw Bean Mesquite, Rabbit Brush, and a large variety of cacti. Three ecosystems, the Mohave Desert, Colorado Plateau, and the Great Basin thive and converge in our area.
What type of activities are available here?
There are a variety of organized groups and activities: Pool Parties w/live music, Gold and Tennis Events, Bridge, Hikes, Special Holiday Events, Art Festivals and with many new activities being created and planned around an Art Gallery & Xetava Desert Gardens.
Design Questions

Can a person view a model of a Kayenta Home?
It is difficult to accurately represent the possibilities for a Kayenta home. There are always a number of new residences under construction and you are welcome to walk through them to view many of the details that make up Kayenta's unique style of Desert Architecture.
What are the CC&R's?
The Covenants, Codes and Restrictions, the CC&R's are designed to protect the natural ennvironment, each residences view and open space. These include; height limitations, open space and building size designations, desert tone color options and the restriction of exterior lights to protect the night sky. There is an Architecture Control Committee which enforces these guidelines and there are also landscaping guidelines.
Are there architects and or plans available?
Gulch Design Group (GDG) is Kayenta's in-house design service. GDG has pioneered and evolved the low profile site specific concept. In the sales office there are eight standard plans which represent some of the Kayenta homes. New owners are encourages to bring ideas and participate in the design process. Services of outside architects can be sought, however, all design proposals are subject to Kayenta Architectural Control Committees approval.
How long does it typically take to design and build a home?
From lot selection, home design, approval and construction the time can be from six months to one year.
Is Kayenta in a flood or landslide zone?
Although Kayenta is not designated as being in an active flood zone, there are isolated areas that may be subject to seasonal stream activity. The dominant cliffs the border Kayenta to the north and east are subject to erosion activity however this factor is considered by the developer and soils engineers in the placement of each lot location.
Do I have to build a house with a flat roof?
The architecture has evolved over the past 20 years. The Puevle style is synonymous with the southwest. Although many roofs in Kayenta appear "flat" they are in fact a minimum pitch of 1/4" per foot. For those who prefer a hipped roof, all areas with the exception of Shonto allow for it. The construction details developed there at Kayenta provide for a state of the art home that combines contemporary architecture with integration into the natural surroundings.
What is included in the Home Owner's Association dues (HOA), and what other amenities are available?
Common area landscaping and parkway/medium landscaping and non-dedicated road maintenance. Access to developing trails system. Lot and Homeowners are entitled to particitpate in the Kayenta Recreation Association (KRA) which includes the use of the pool and tennis court. There are separate fees for KRA, which range from $75.00 to $315.00 per year based on your participation level.
What type of Internet access is available?
There are currently several providers of service in the St. George area. is a privately owned ISP that owns this site and allows residents and contributors to the area email addresses through the domain.
Home Questions

How much time do I have to build after I purchase my lot?
Kayenta does not currently have a time requirement to build a home on a lot in the subdivision.
Who are the utility companies for Kayenta and Taviawk*?
Electricity: Utah Power Telephone: Qwest Propane: Southern Utah Propane, Amerigas & Coast Gas Natural Gas: Questar* Internet & Television: Skyview Technologies & Kayenta Technologies.
What are the sewer and water connection fees?
Approximately $3,400 for water and $1,800 for sewer in the Taviawk area and $3000 for the water connection with KWU in Kayenta's Shonto Point, Willow Springs, Kayenta Lake, and Kwavasa areas.
In the construction of a basement possible?
In Kayenta most sites are not conductive to basement. Primarily the factors to consider are the overall building height limitations of 13ft above the natural grade level. how to provide window/ventilation and also meet the architectural requirements.
What type of soils are present at Kayenta?
The soils are diverse and there is a large variance over the 2000 acres of Kayenta. Most lots have had soil tests. If it is required, Professional soil engineering determine what type of foundation and septic (as required) is needed for each specific lot.
What about the sewer system and septic tanks?
The Taviawk area of Kayenta is connected to public sewers. The Shonto point, Willow Springs and Kayenta Lake Patio Homes are on septic systems. Dry Sewer is in the Posovi and Kwavasa areas.
What construction loan and mortgage options are available?
There are a variety of financing option available for both lot financing, construction and home loans. Lot financing can be arranged on selected properties offered by Kayenta Homesites & Kayenta Development.
How small or large of a home can I build on a given lot?
The Architectural Control Committee makes decisions on appropriate size, design and layout.
What is the cost per square foot to build?
Depending on the level of finish materials incorporated into the home, approximately $150.00 per square foot (exclusive of design, landscape and Lot cost)
What is the price range for homes for sale in Kayenta?
Home values are approximately low $300s to $1,000,000+
Are there less expensive smaller homes planned in the future?
Clustered courtyard home are in the conceptual stages for the new area of Shonto and Taviawk area.
What home builders do you recommmend?
Contact for a list of a number of experienced award winning contractors who build here exclusively.
Community Questions

What are the demographics for Kayenta?
Our community is growing both in popularity and diversity of backgrounds, careers, ages, interests, talents and former homes.
What is the relationship of Kayenta to the city of Ivins?
Kayenta homes reside within the community of Ivins. Kayenta is an integral part of the Ivins master plan and Kayenta an active participant in the managed growth and development. Through the newly dedicated trails systems, Ivins reservoir, future natural and dedicated open spaces, Kayenta has contributed significantly to maintaining the beauty that surrounds Ivins.
What about trash and water services and restrictions?
Water is provoided through Kayenta Water Users Inc. Monthly charges are $38.00 for up to 10,000 gallons. Overages are calculated between $1.25 and $2.00 per 1,000 gallons. KWU water connection fees are $3,000. Trash removal is provided by Red Rock Waste Services.
What is the status of water here?
Kayenta Water Users Inc. owns and controls water rights for the future development of the area. The infrastructure of well, water tanks, pumps and pipe lines are owned by KWU Inc.
What are the property taxes typically for lots and homes here?
Property taxes in Utah are approximately 1% of the assessed value for lots and primary residence is taxed at approximately .55% of value.
What fire and police protection is provided?
Kayenta is a part of the City of Ivins District. We also have an on site volunteer fire department and fire engine, which was was provided by the city of Ivins. Police protection is provided by Ivins Public Safety Department.
Who maintains the roads?
Kayenta Parkway, Wintook Drive & Taviawk Drive are dedicated to the City of Ivins and maintained by their public works department. Kayenta does have private roads which are maintained by the fees from the Homeowner Associations.
What public schools will my children attend?
Snow Canyon High School and Middle School, Lava Ridge Intermediate in Santa Clara and Red Mountain Elementary School in Ivins provide the the Kayenta's children with public education. Dixie State College is a four year college with excellent adult education courses.
Where do you go to shop and eat?
St. George offers and abundant number of shopping and restaurant options. the closest super markets are Lin's Market and Albertson's in Santa Clara. The Factory Stores and Red Cliffs Mall offer shopping with a new commercial development coming to Ivins along Center Street.
Call for Additional Information: 435-628-7234